Sunday, March 11, 2007

Future Academy Award Winner

#4 just cracks me up sometimes.

OK, every day.

First off, we had a sweet little party for her at her daycare providers' house. I figured, the provider (L) would have to pack up 5 kids and bring them to my house for a party...whereas I only had one other kid coming. So I decided to make it easier for her and we just had the fun there at her place; plus it's all kid-proof and stuff, you know.

Which is a very good thing.

Anyway, I digress. We had a teddybear picnic. Thank God for the Dollar store! 12 inch teddy bears for a buck apiece! Each kid went home with a bear. And we had lunchables. And a pinata. It was rather eventful...the unicorn pinata's head came off. So I got the kids all ready...held the horse body over my head and shook all the treats out the decapitated neck. Kinda disgusting, I guess, but the kids didn't mind.

Then we had cupcakes. And played with playdough. MG said I looked like I was having as much fun with the dough as the kids. know...they all want you to "make" them something. And I can't say "No", can I? Hmmmm?

Then we took #4 and let her get a haircut. She's been complaining that "Evewy body ewse in the famiwy" has short hair. Except her. It's a tragedy!

Well, let me tell you what. Mommy felt like it was a tragedy to watch those dark, silky waist-length ringlets fall to the floor at Great Clips, THAT'S for sure!! I had to look away. My eyes were misting up.
It's not short-short, just shoulder length. LOTS easier to brush. And she looks SO grown up. Now that she's all FIVE, you know. :D LOL!!

But last night I was treated to a fashion show. Now that the girls' room is 3/4 clean and you can actually walk on the floor in there. It's a good thing. So they got into the closet. And I had three girls struttin' the catwalk. One round of fancy dresses, one round of sport outfits and one round of bathing suits.

Gotta have the swimsuit competition, of course. Aaaah!

And then, after appropriate applause, the three girls decide we must have a winner.
I don't know WHERE they get this stuff! Cuz I do NOT watch beauty pageants. Ever!! But I did have #2 in one when she was 4. So maybe she remembers and taught the others. I don't know. Have I corrupted my children?
ANYWAY...after Mommy REFUSING to choose (with the infamous line "You're ALL beautiful to me!") they decided scientifically.

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo!

And they let #4 win the little half-broken soccer trophy. And she's squealing and jumping up and down. I half expected her to start crying.
But she doesn't. And after appropriate congratulations from the big sisters, she bows a couple of times saying "Thank you, Thank you vewy Mush!"

Is that Elvis?

Then she says, "Mom, you know what?"

And you always have to answer "No, What?" to THAT question!

So here comes the Academy Awards speech.

"Mom, Jesus made me win!"

I think I must be doing something right.

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