Saturday, March 24, 2007

Coupla funnies and an Awwwww

Sometimes you wonder where your kids come up with stuff. And sometimes you KNOW where they picked it up because YOU started it.

#4 comes over to where I am sitting at the table. Every once in awhile she makes a "PIP" noise and jumps straight up.

She's just standing there staring at me for the loooongest time...

Pipping and hopping.

I am going to go nuts! Trying to finish this scholarship paperwork and grumpy cuz it's morning, ya' know.

So I stare back. And I say "What. Are. You. DOING?"

"I'm a baby dog with the hiccups".
Hee Hee! I know, you kinda had to be there.

OK, so then #1 asks me if I'm going to feed them lunch.

"HELLLOOO! I'm in the kitchen! What do you think I'm doing? Picking my NOSE!" I say that alot, just so you know. I'm kinda sarcastic that way.

Well, that sets the kids off and they all start laughing and MG says "Ewww, GROSS!" So I say "I'm sorry, honey! (batt my eyelashes) imitating 12-step program meeting...Hello, everyone. My name is Janean and I'm a nose picker."

So #1 gets into the act, "Hello, my name is number one and I'm a nose picker". Then he sticks his finger beside his nose and turns his head, you know, so it LOOKS like he's got his finger way up there.

THEN he pretends to be stuck...grabbing his wrist with his other hand and pantomiming a BIIIG Pull with all the appropriate noises.

The piece de' resistance was when he finally "pulled loose" he made this HUUUGE popping noise, looks at the end of his finger and went "Ooooo, what's that? Brain matter!"

I laughed so hard I had to sit down. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. MG was just appalled that I would encourage such grossness and bad manners, but you know what?

IT WAS FUNNY! and #1 is only 13. That's what 13 year old boys DO!

And now for the "Awwww" part...

MG and I had a fight yesterday. BIG argument. It happens, you know, but it's not fun.

Anyway, I was cooking dinner in the kitchen and kind of humming "I come to the Garden alone". I thought I sounded pleasant enough.

#4 was coloring at the table and she hops down, comes toddling into the kitchen and says, "Mommy, are you happy?"

I say "sure, honey. I'm happy."

"Well, you don't LOOK like it. Your mouth is turning DOWN!"

So I squat down to her level and I say, "You're right, sweetheart. Mommy lied. I am not so happy. But I always love you."

She smiles and whispers "OKay! Here...Gimme a kiss. It'll make you feel better."


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Rebekah said...

Kids make life interesting