Saturday, March 24, 2007

Will you LOOK at this PIGSTY?!?!

Over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas, this weeks' Photo Friday Theme was "Messes". She has posted the MOST adorable photo ever of her little girl with an ucky food face. :D VERY precious!!

I can't hope to top that, but thought I would post my own "Mess" picture. You all have probably seen this one before as I used it for my ID photo on here for awhile. My son actually took it while sitting on his bed when I came in, put my hands on my hips and laid out that "Standard Motherly Line"...

"What in the heck happened in here?!?! Will you LOOK at this PIGSTY?!? There could be mice or rats living in here and you would never even know it! Where does all this stuff come from?? AND guess who's cleaning it all up? NOT ME, that's for sure!!"

Well, maybe that's not a "standard" line...I do tend to be a little overly dramatic. Sometimes.

But you can bet there is NO WAY in the WORLD that I would post a picture of the actual mess. Because then you would see what kind of a housekeeper I am. And my supermom image would be shattered.

Ha Ha.


Sue said...

Oh my goodness. I have a hard time keeping things straight with one. Four!? Thanks for the visit. Sue at nobaddays.

Angelika said...

LOL! We wouldn't want to shatter the SuperMom image, would we? ;-)