Monday, February 26, 2007

Why do I blog? I got TAGGED. :D

I know you all aren't gonna believe this...
You're really not!

But this is the FIRST TIME EVER that I have been "tagged" in blogworld!
No Joke!

Erica at Butterfly Kisses is passing on a meme entitled "Why do you blog?"
And she picked me!! Wow! Most people are, like, "Oh, NO! not another meme to do..." but NOT ME, ladies and gentleman! I am pleased as punch and honored beyond belief that someone picked ME and wants to hear what I have to say. YESSS!! that I have that off my chest...


  1. Adult interaction. With four kids, I spend most of my day that I'm not at work breaking up fights, preparing food, cleaning up food, kissing booboos or watching Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. Blogworld may not be TOTAL "reality" but the friends I've found stir up my adult brain cells, make me think...and make me laugh.
  2. To unload. My blog is where all my feelings come out. If I'm happy; it's there. If I'm sad; it's in my blog. If I'm frustrated; its' the place to rant. MG can only listen so long before his eyes start to glaze over and he gets that little smile on his face that means "I really love you, honey, but I'd MUCH rather be doing just about ANYTHING else."
  3. Sometimes I blog to communicate with myself. Now, I know the theme from "Twilight Zone" just started playing in your head, but turn it down just a minute and let me explain. It's like Erica said in her meme; I actually write better than I can talk. Unlike her, though, I LOVE to talk. Especially on the it's a good thing I'm a switchboard operator. But I have diarrhea of the mouth. It runs faster than I can think. Which gets me in trouble. But that's another story. When I write, I slow down my thoughts. I go back and read what I wrote every so often and then new ideas form. The light bulb comes on as I look at what I typed out with eyes that are a little more objective. I can actually work out problems and ideas as my posts form. It's cool, Really it is. Even if you don't understand or think I'm about half a bubble off plumb, it's OK. Gotta love me! :D
  4. This may sound like a dumb reason...and I'm sure you've probably already noticed. But I get bored alot. My job is easy. I'm totally serious. It should be illegal to get paid for what I do. Which is basically sit on my hiney for 8 hours and surf the Internet and answer the phone if it rings. Oh, and once in awhile I do an overhead page. AND there's TWO of us doing this job at all times...sometimes there are THREE of us on duty. So we have to share the phone calls. In all fairness, I do have a report I'm supposed to do and a packet of paperwork to check most evenings. Which takes about an hour, if I drag it out. So I get bored. At least I USED to. Now I have my bloggy buddies.
  5. Which leads to the 5th reason I blog. My friends. I started blogging out of the clear blue sky after I discovered that a MySpace friend blogged on Blogspot and read his stuff. Now, I have a solid group of fanTAStic ladies and guys that I check in with often to see how their lives are going. We pray together; we share concerns, funny stories, party and email some. I've participated in a white elephant party and a valentines party and am working on a special project with a new friend that I met through a bloggy fundraiser. God has blessed me over and over by the amazing people I have met in this online community. I even met my twin, Connie; I swear we were somehow separated at birth! It is amazing sometimes how two peoples' lives can run such parallel courses!

All of these blessings I would have missed if I hadn't started blogging. My blog-buddies remind me every day that there is a bigger world out there. I am blessed to know you all. Thank you for touching my life.

I tag Connie, MotoMom, Rebekah and anyone else who would like to play along. :D


Rebekah said...

I'll play. I was trying to think of what to blog about today anyway. And I just want to say that I think it's the coolest thing that you and Connie found each other. In reading your blogs I can see how much you two have in common. I think it's awesome that God led you both together to be a support for each other. He truly cares about His people

MotoMom said...

Thanks for the tag - my first one too! I tried to email/forward something to you, however I cannot find your email address in your profile. I did add my email to my profile, if you send me something I will have yours. :)

A Dusty Frame said...

How cool you got tagged:)

So what is this job? huh!?:)

Blogging has been a great surprise to me.

Butterfly Kisses said...

I realized I never read your post..I feel like a bad blog friend. :o(

Anyway, your job sounds awesome!!!!

Thank you for doing your post and I am glad you were so thrilled to be tagged. I'll know to tag you again..if the opportunity presents itself. :o)