Monday, February 26, 2007

How can I pick just one? CHBM #21

Howdy, Crazy Hip Blog Mama Readers and friends!
Hope yer havin' an awesome week. Mine has been the same-ole-same-ole. If you don't count sick kids ~ which I don't. Cuz when you have four, someone is always sick. And if they aren't, they're faking it so they can get out of going to school.
Anyways...This weeks' Carnival topic is "Funniest Parenting Moment".
Ummm, "moment"? as in SINGULAR? Like, I, Uhhh, have to narrow it down to ONE?
I think that's pert near impossible.

Well, ok, not really. But here's SOME of my favorites...
#4 - this morning, playing with some dice she found. Overheard "Come-on BABY, Mama needs a new paira shoes!" The child must remember EVERYTHING she hears, I swear!
#4 again - after a long day...comes trudging out of her room wearing a t-shirt and undies.
"MOM, I'm tired! I want to go to bed! And...I HAVE A WEDGIE!"
As you'll be able to tell from this post, #4 is pretty much the comic relief around our house.
There's the Kowawa Poop story.
And the Biology Lesson.
Oooo, here's a good one. #1 (when he was about 4) had a hard time saying his "R's" as alot of little kids do. And we're driving down the road, singing along to the Little People Kid's Songs tape. And I realize, from the back seat, I'm hearing..."If you're happy and you know it CRAP your hands - Crap, Crap!"
He couldn't understand why mommy had to pull over because she was hyperventilating.
How about the time I was watching a friend's two little boys ~ the five little ones get into a package of pads, open ALL (yes ALL) of those little individual packages, peeled off the sticky strips and covered the entertainment center.
Now that I've got you rolling on the floor laughing, I'll share this one with you. I don't think I've blogged about it before. It's funny NOW...
Although it was definitely NOT funny when it happened.
**DISCLAIMER, I did NOT kill ANYONE. So that's a good thing.
I'm about 6 months pregnant and the oldest has a school program. So, because Exhubby NEVER goes to "these things", I figure I might as well leave the two little girls home with him.
Came home one hour later to find the biggest mess I have ever seen. In my life. Ever.
Visualize this...
Bottom layer - stuffed animals. About 20 of them. In a heap. Mostly WHITE.
Layer 2 - Trix Yogurt. I didn't know she knew how to open the refrigerator, much less peel open those little containers of yogurt. Several of them. Hot pink and electric yellow. High sugar content. Yep.
Layer 3 - Neosporin. Turns out she could climb to the fireplace mantle as well.
Layer 4 - Straw from Mommy's decorative scarecrow. Which is no longer decorative. Or a scarecrow. He's simply a pile of clothing and a hat. Mixed in..with the Neosporin and Yogurt.
Layer 5 - Laundry. That an hour ago was CLEAN.
Layer 6 - two small girls, ages 3 and 4. Just reveling...
If that dear ole exhubby would have been a paid babysitter, I would have fired his hiney on the spot. I noticed he did spend the rest of the evening out in the garage...
do you think he might have been HIDING? :D
Can't wait to read the other posts on this one. Should be a belly-laughin' good time. Come check it out!

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