Saturday, February 10, 2007

Want some cheese with that WHINE?

Good Morning, Friends and neighbors!
Well, my weekend is over and the work week begins.

I believe it should be against the law to operate any non-emergency business 24 hours a day. People should sleep. 4am is just TOO DERN early to get up!

Especially when you have three kids with colds who have coughed all night long.

OK, I know, I know...

But I'm a mommy ~ and a blogger ~ and a woman. Therefore, I do complain a little.

Ooooo, and then there's number 4 child.

You're laying there, half in laa-laa land, and you feel someone staring at you.

YAH! You moms know the feeling.

Anyway, you open your eyes and it's about 6 inches away from your face trying to see if you're asleep in the dark. Then, VERY LOUDLY...



Now, this was probably the wrong thing to do, but my sluggish brain wasn't working well at the moment.

And at this hour of the morning...with her talking SO LOUDLY...Every sentence I uttered started with "Shhhhhh!"

Cuz' I just got the other three to sleep after a round of medication.

So I've got medication on the brain...

"Shhhhh, will you go to sleep if I get you a pill?"


"Shhhh, OK, go get back in bed and I'll bring you one."


And I go raid the children's Tylenol MeltAways.

I was out of Benadryl.

I only gave her one.

It won't hurt her. Seriously!

Ummmm, Yah. Turn in my Mommy License for the fourth or four-hundredth time.

But I got about 30 more minutes of sleep before the alarm went off. :D

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