Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Introducing MG !! - TT #19

LADIES and GENTLEMEN...without further ado ~

Here he is! The wonderful, Amazing, Fabulous MG !

We were in an arcade with the kids and he wanted to get our picture done. So he feeds the $5 into the machine and JUST AS IT SNAPS, he jabs me in the ribs.

THAT'S WHY I look like that. I'm NOT trying to show off my new dental work or boast about the fact that I now have collar bones.
And THAT's why he has that naughty look on his face. Don't know if you remember or not, but he has a VERY well-nurtured Internal Five-year-old.

And YES, I did get his permission before posting this.

So here's my Thursday Thirteen for this week.

Thirteen Things I love about My Guy!

1. That twinkle in his eyes when his "internal Five-year-old" causes him to make mischief.
2. The fact that he cannot stand a dirty kitchen and makes it the priority of his life to have it in order every night.
3. The endearing way he says "Have I told you today how much you mean to me?" or "Do you know that I think you are beautiful?"
4. When he lets me take a nap because he knows I am so tired...even though it means we get to spend no time together.
5. When he cooks, he ALWAYS asks if he can make some for me, too.
6. When he's playing a computer game or the PS2, he invites the boy to sit with him and they talk about the game; sharing hints and strategies.
7. He asks the girls to grab him a pop from the fridge; and when they do, he pours it in his glass...leaving some in the can for the "fetcher" to drink.
8. He calls #4 his "buddy"; when she comes in the door from school, the first thing she does is holler "HI, MG!" and runs to hug him.
9. His art is amazing and #3 is, in her own 8-yr-old way, a budding artist; proficient if not professional. So she tries to copy his work, sitting and watching him create. And he is patient and kind with her. That means SO much to me.
10. #2 needed a ride home from an appointment the other night because I was working so I asked MG to drive in to the "big city" to pick her up. He says "Why wouldn't I?! She's MY daughter, TOO, you know!"

Today, he went to the kids' school with me and sat on the little benches and had lunch with them. They were SO jazzed; when they walked into the cafeteria and saw us waiting there, their little faces just lit up and they started pointing him out to their friends. He was grinning just as big as they were.
11. This will be our first Valentine's Day together; HE thought of that, not me! So he asked what I wanted, where I wanted to go and asked me to arrange for a sitter. Because he wants to have a "special night" with his "sexy lady"!
WHO? ME? Oooo WOW!
12. We pray together. I know this may not seem like much to you, but out of two marriages and several relationships in my 40 years, he is the ONLY one who has EVER prayed with me. Actually, that's kind of sad.
13. He takes the time to laugh with me, to talk with me, to share with me. We work TOGETHER; not against each other. We are a team. And that is such a precious thing to me.
I like it!
And I love him.
We've got a great future and it is such a blessing to watch it unfold.

Have an awesome week, Ya'll!!

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Scribbit is hosting a Write-Away contest and the subject for February is, of course, LOVE. So I'm gonna submit this one. After all, he's the love of my life!


MotoMom said...

Very sweet T.T. Sounds like God has really blessed you and the kids with MG. After all you have gone through I am sure you truly appreciate him
Enjoy your Valentine's Day. Be sure to share the G rated details. ;)

Pen said...

Very sweet TT!

My husband has the internal five-year old as well. No one can make me laugh as he does!

Artemis said...

So sweet and so fun... aren't new relationships great? :) Happy valentines day and happy Thurday!

Jessica Morris said...

Aw! Sounds like a sweet man =)
Mine is obsessed about keeping the kitchen clean too!!

Christina said...

I love the picture! So much fun. Your guy sounds like a very special man :)

Happy Thursday!

ms-teacher said...

Congratulations. You sound very happy! wonderful tt!!

Lara said...

that is so touching. you are quite lucky to have found such a wonderful guy. great TT! :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Aww, what a doll. And so much FUN, too! Don't be surprised if you're reading one of my books one day and a character does something similar to MG... *wink*

Happy TT!

Karianne said...

I'm lovin the smiles

amy said...

What a wonderful list..sounds like you have a great guy there

Rebekah said...

Ah, yes. I can see the mischievious look in his eye. Sounds like he's a keeper