Sunday, January 14, 2007

Psalm Sunday - 2 He is Lord of ALL

When I checked in over at Butterfly Kisses, it looks like she's on a weekend retreat so she is probably a little busy. I'm going to then assume (yikes) that we are doing chapter 2 and go for it. I was SO blessed by chapter 1 and the effect it had on my week, that I just need to keep going with this, regardless.

This week, I read the passage in NIV, New Living, New King James and the Message.
At first glance (or first read :D) this passage looks SCARY! At first it looks like the philosophy of God that I grew up with. It went something like this;
You mess up enough, you say you don't care what God thinks often enough, you turn away from Him enough...and He will TAKE YOU OUT! He's got enough people on this earth who love Him and want to serve Him. Why should He spend time dealing with insignificant little you? He'll just relieve you of your rebellious little life and end all the trouble you cause.
Yes, I know it's malarky. Now. But as a child, that's the God I grew up knowing. And you can BET that whenever I was running away from home or stealing a cookie or kissing a boy, I was just waiting for that KABAAM! No joke.
Anyway, back to the chapter...
Upon closer examination and meditation, with a little bit of prayer thrown in...I wanted to share the following thoughts on Psalm chapter 2.
  • I get a distinct impression of God's Triumph. He is Lord of ALL; no matter who says what or what happens, our God rules and our God WINS!
  • Reflecting on that awesome power, we, as humans, would be wise to follow Him and have reverence for Him. However, we are not forced. He gave us free will; the ability to either choose Him or reject Him.
  • Verse 7 really struck my heart. Just like the author (presumably David), you and I are God's Children! He says in verse 8 that God told him, "Just ASK ME! I will give you the entire world as an inheritance". I know, alot of times, I feel like my little problems are too petty for God. And when I pray, I do say "Thank You" yes, but it often feels like there is too much "please, can I have this...Please will you do this...I want, I want." Yet here, He says very clearly "ASK!" WOW.
  • I think verse 12 was my favorite, though. "Blessed are all who take refuge in Him". As I said above, sometimes I feel too insignificant for a great Heavenly Father who has millions of other people to care for. This verse tells me plainly that I will be blessed and happy if I DO go to Him, lean on Him...take refuge in Him. I picture myself sitting on His lap with my arms around Him and my head on His chest. If feels so good just to sit there and have Him hold me, protect me, take my worries onto Himself. I don't ever want to climb down. Refuge. Mmmmm.

See, not so scary if we break it down and think about it a little. Hope your Sunday is wonderful.

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Butterfly Kisses said...

Thanks for taking part. :o)
I grew up with the same view as God too. I remember when I would stub my toe as a young kid or conk my head on the wall, my mom would tell me that God was punishing me.

I loved how you described taking refuge as burying your head into His chest.

Beautiful post!