Monday, December 18, 2006

Shape of My Faith wk 6 - Style

This weeks faith shape overlaps with all the others so far. What is your style?

How do you tend to go about things and how does that affect how you obey God? I tend to go about things by myself. It is hard for me to "delegate authority" or ask for help when I have a big project to accomplish. Unfortunately, that includes God. "Oh yes, I can handle this. I'll just do this and this and this and everything will be fine if this happens." I usually don't factor God into my decisions. Very BAD idea.

Are you a go-getter or laid back? Depends on the subject matter, really. If it's something I'm supposed to get done that doesn't have a deadline, I'm so laid back that LIGHT years will pass before I complete the task. No matter how guilty I feel that I SHOULD be getting it done. What's up with that?

If, on the other hand, I have a deadline or some one's health/welfare are at stake, I'm a go-getter. I will usually finish a project hours before the deadline. Doctor's office receptionists have been known to shudder when I walk in the door. I will HOUND the doctor until I get help or he admits he doesn't know what's going on. THEN I'll move on to the next doctor. I can advocate for health care issues like nobodies business. But I never balance my checkbook or get that stuff listed on EBay. Isn't that weird?

Do you keep it simple or do you go all out? I'm definitely a K.I.S.S. person. I have tried throwing in "extras" and it never turns out well. So I've learned my lesson on that one. Make a simple plan and stick to it for best results. There is ALWAYS the last minute forgotten detail or the dish that didn't get done in time. So a little bit of flexibility and ingenuity are important.

When I cater dinners at church (usually only 50 to 100 people) I've found that you can make simple stuff LOOK really fancy. Main dish Chicken Parmesan done for a Valentine's dinner was frozen breaded chicken breasts from the local Grocery outlet with spaghetti sauce and some Parmesan cheese. I had about 20 requests for the recipe!

If you come to my house (and I know you're coming!) the bathrooms will be clean and the floor will be vacuumed. But you may see some coloring pages scattered on the table and there may be a dish in the sink. I figure you didn't come to see my house, you came to see us. (Usually...Ummm, there ARE exceptions to this one - sometimes I let myself get carried away. See yesterday's post)

Do you finish what you start or leave it for someone else? I always finish what I start, even if it takes YEARS to do it. I have a hard time letting (trusting?) anyone else to finish my task. If I have to leave (e.g. when cooking dinner for several people) it takes me so long to give detailed instructions that I might just as well have stayed by the time I write them all down.

Definite character flaw, I think. I HAVE to finish it myself, even if it takes forever. Sounds like arrogance, doesn't it? As in "no one else will do it right"?


Do you like the best laid plans or prefer to wing-it? Best laid plans, for sure. I even plan for every possible contingency. I have been know to send some people to the Local Home For the Bewildered because I took SOOOOO much time planning everything 5 different ways.

OOoops. Another character flaw surfaces. I must be in control. Being out of control makes me VERY uncomfortable. Asking me to relinquish control is like asking a river to stop flowing.

Just ask MG. I ordered his Straight Jacket from JCPenney last week. LOL

Do you like to be different, to stand out in the crowd? I think I might. Is that bad?

Do you prefer to go about unseen, be like everyone else? I like to remain unseen if I am "playing Santa", donating something, delivering flowers to a sick friend, spreading joy, buying groceries for a single mom who needs them BADLY. I have been known to lie (forgive me Father) and say that I am just the messenger and I don't know WHO the gift might have come from.

Do you prefer the unusual or the normal, the intellectual or action? OK, hold on to your seat. This might get a little long.

I prefer the UNUSUAL in the long-range scope of my life. I want to do and be things that most people (or women) won't do.

I prefer the NORMAL in my daily life. I like routine, to know what to expect. Security and stability.

I prefer the INTELLECTUAL when it comes to planning my projects out as closely as I can get to perfect.

But then when it comes time for ACTION, let's Git'erDONE. Gather the cooks, get the painters up on the ladders, Hire the band, arrange for refreshments, set a date and let's make it happen.

Are you a doer or a dreamer? I'm a doer. It may take me awhile to figure out how to make it work. But eventually, I'll do it. I don't dream much but I can sure hook up with other people's dreams and do what I can to help.

Are you a follower or rebellious? I am very rebellious. Tell me not to do something and that is the FIRST thing I will go do. I'm sure someone told me one time NOT to EVER go get a tattoo. That's why I have this burning desire inside to get "just one more!" :D JUST KIDDING.

I was a horrible teenager. I'm a stubborn, hard-headed child of God. The only time I am likely to be labeled a "follower" is when I have given up on issue. And I think that's not really following...maybe more desperation (I don't know what to do to help/to fix something, so I end up doing nothing).

Are you diminish yourself or do you struggle with pride? Both. Again, very weird.

I have been labeled as/accused of "not being a team player", being "Controlling", a "Type A personality", a "know it all", and it's true, sometimes I have a hard time with my "My Way or the HighWay" attitude.

Yet I will be the first one to tell you that I have messed up SO badly! I could list about 101 things about me that I don't like (my controlling personality being #1A on the list!). I do not deserve ANY of the blessings I have been given in this life. At times in my past, going to sleep and never waking up sounded like a very attractive option.

Don't know what that all means.

Are you old fashioned or do you like all things new? Old fashioned. If it weren't so much work, I think I'd go live with the Amish. I love homemade bread, candles, sewing/quilting, reading and spending time with my family.

Do like things the same or do you prefer change? Generally, I prefer things the same in my life. Security and stability make me happy. However, I believe that to move forward and prosper in this life changes must occur. As long as they are well planned, I don't mind that.

Wow. There is a definite pattern emerging here, dontcha think?

Are you very open about your life or are you more secretive and careful? As you can probably tell from this blog, I am open about everything. About the only thing I haven't shared on here is the real names of my immediate family.

Sometimes that's a bad thing; being such an "open book".

Last of all, how does your personal style affect your relationship with Him? As you can tell, I have a REALLY hard time with...

YEP, you guessed it!

Relinquishing control of my life and my life situations.

The flip side is that I can organize and get things done that bring people into fellowship; Concerts, dinners, singing, prayer groups, fundraisers. I've learned to give Him the reins of the project and give Him all the glory when it's done. At first, it was hard to know what to say when everyone came up to "Oooo" and "Aaahhh" and say "thank you!!". I would just get all red-faced and stammer "well, Thank you, Thanks."

Now I say "God worked that all out just right, didn't He?" or "God sure did give that group a wonderful musical gift, didn't He?" Pointing the glory back toward the Father is easier now and I think it makes the complementor (and the complementee :D) feel more at ease.

Looking back over this post, I sure can see what areas I need to work on. Glaringly.

At least I know how to pray, now. Ya Think?

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Heather said...

Awesome. You know this is what I love. I am so thrilled when this thing really gets someone thinking and NOTICING the pattern. And your right, it is pretty glaring. We are so opposite in so many things that it is funny. I was the kid who would sit quietly back, miss good-two -shoes but who would dye my hair red and where green because my dad HATED it. :)I wouldn't get a tattoo because that would hurt but I wore temporary ones just to ake a statement. :)I can't organize ANYTHING but I am full of cool ideas.

This is awesome and I can see the Lord growing you through this study. What a joy!