Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Abilities. OH. MY.

This weeks study has been tough for me. I have SUCH a hard time looking at what I CAN do...And tend to look at the negative; What I CAN NOT do.
So I had to sit back and take stock.



I found it was easier to ask someone else or think about what I have been complimented on in the past.

Singing. I love to sing praises to Christ and He has gifted me with a fairly decent voice. I used to have a wider range than I do now; I must confess that I have smoked in the past year and it has damaged this ability. My voice is now deeper and rougher than it used to be.
I quit. Three months ago. Don't worry.
As for how I can use it for the Lord and His service, that is a study in itself. I used to lead singing at our church. I can't really call it "praise" because not one person (except me) ever raised their hands to the Lord or even stood up unless I asked them to. We did a half hour praise time for awhile before "traditional service", but it was eventually phased out. Then the praise songs were slowly disappearing. When I left due to my schedule changing at work ( I have to work Sundays now) the congregation was pretty much back to 1800's hymns.
Not that I am against that! I love them! I especially love trying to Jazz them up a little and get people to THINK about the words they are singing; not simply sing from rote.
But to tell you the truth, it was a little (OK, a LOT depressing) to be losing ground like that.
I also want to do a gospel recording someday. I have alot of friends in the Pacific Gospel Music Association and would LOVE to have a ministry like that.
But is that what God wants for me? Maybe someday...

I enjoy quilting and sewing. Many members of my family have told me how much they appreciate projects I have made for them. My sister and I designed a quilt for my grandparents and my grandmother would not let it out of her sight. I whipped out a crazy quilt out of flannel squares one day because my Mommy was in the hospital and I couldn't afford flowers. I had won the flannel fat-quarters in a drawing and they made a great "hospital bed sized" quilt. To this day, she uses it like her own security blanket; taking it to the hospital when she has to go or wrapping herself in it when she doesn't feel well. Someday, I'll do a post with pictures of some of the quilts I've done. It's fun. And I LOVE to see their faces, to brush away the tears, to be wrapped in the warm loving arms when I present the gift. Wow. Makes me smile just to think about it.

I can cook. Like for LARGE groups of people. This has come in very handy at church. During our ALPHA program, I did dinner each week for 50 people. And the Valentine's dinner for 75. It feels SO wonderful when it all comes together.
I also have the ability to calm others; I seem to project this air of confidence. Like I know what I'm doing. Even when I don't.
I've had people tell me I should be a nurse. I've had many, many calls from friends and family for medical advice. I have a driving DESIRE to be a homebirth midwife and am walking that path as the Lord opens doors.
However, the down-side to this "ability" is that I tend to come across as a "Know-it-all". I am aware of this. I try SO hard not to let this happen.

And that's one thing I've noticed.

For every "ability", Satan has a "disability". For every thing I can do halfway decently, Satan knows how to trip me up.
Aaaargh! And often I fall into his trap.

I always have to be on my guard.
And I need to keep asking my Heavenly Father how I can use these abilities with my Gifts.
For it changes as the seasons of my life change.
A work in progress, indeed.

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Heather said...

This is perfect. I can think of some things you left out. You can write. You have knack for writing to other people and encouraging them and are humble about it to boot. You have the ability to see where you are and see it honestly as in, I am not there yet but I am trying. You have the ability to recognize good in others and let them know.

Every aility has an upside and downside, just as every personality trait does. We have to ive each thing to Him and ask Him fo rhelp in using them to the best of our ability.