Friday, December 08, 2006

Moose Sand

Found this FUNNY post over at one of my favorite places to visit...Antique Mommy's Page.

Every so often I think of it and ponder...Can't WAIT to find out what a "Peemo Boat" is.

Then, I had my own episode with kid-speak today. So I need some help with this one.

4-yr-old came to me as I sat at my sewing machine today.
"Mom, I want Moose Sand for Christmas."

So I say "What did you say?" and sure enough...Moose sand.

So I ask "And where would Santa get Moose Sand?"

The answer?

"At the STORE, silly!"

I wonder what department you find Moose Sand in? Home decor? or Home Improvement?

Any ideas?

1 comment:

Alli said...

Hi there...I saw your comment at ANtique Mommy and immediately had an idea of what "Moose Sand" might be. Moon sand. I think it's kinda like play-doh, but I don't know much more than that. They have it at Target.

Good luck!