Monday, November 20, 2006

What is my PROBLEM?

Part of the deal with my weight loss surgery is the fact that I NEED to drink water. It isn't a choice. Very important. Life- or- death important.

SO WHY, WHY, WHY don't I drink water?

Do I have a death wish or something? Dehydration causes my heart to beat faster (tachycardia, at times). Dizzy. It makes me tired and cranky. There have been a couple of times when I have gotten SO dehydrated that I couldn't even hold my head up.
MG took me to the doctor and my blood pressure was something like 90/40. And my doctor says (paraphrasing here) "You DUMMY! Drink WATER! NO, I take that back, drink GATORADE. You are so dehydrated, you need the electrolytes. If you don't think you can drink, I am going to stick an IV needle in your arm! NOW DO IT! NOW!"

Don't misunderstand, my doctor is Awesome. We are buddies. I call him by his first name. I don't even call him "Doctor"...and he doesn't care.

Anyway, back to my post here. So what am I doing? MG tells me to drink water. Mom tells me to drink water.
Maybe that's why I don't do it...some secret "rebellion" issues. Hmmmm!

STOMP! You can't tell ME what to do.

I always say "Ok!" And then I don't do it. And I feel like crud!

I don't like Crystal Light. It makes me gag.

I don't like Pop unless it has caffeine in it. Which dehydrates you. And I can't drink that much pop anyway due to limited tummy space.

Did I mention I love coffee? Which also has caffeine (whether it's decaf or not).

OK, I've got all kinds of excuses.
  1. I forgot.
  2. it tastes yucky.
  3. I don't have any handy right now.
  4. I just ate. **another side effect of surgery. No drinking for 30 minutes before or for an hour after you eat**
  5. I'm tired...I have to drink some coffee to perk me up. (no pun intended...ok, maybe a little. it?)
  6. I don't like having to visit the little girls room 40 times a day.

I also regularly forget to take my vitamins/iron/calcium. And just basically don't take care of myself. And if I don't take the iron, I get anemic...which also (BIG SURPRISE) makes you tired.

And MG wonders why I want to sleep all the time.

I'm wondering if maybe it isn't just a vicious circle. The dehydration makes me forgetful and sleepy. So that makes me I forget to do the things I need to do. So I get more dehydrated...more tired...more lazy. Just spiralling downward....Hear my little voice going around and around down the drain. Heeeeelllllpppp meeeeee.....

AHEM...OK, well enough of that.

I guess besides asking for a little "Gee, been-there-done-that" encouragement and advice; And a little free Phsychological evaluation...I think I'm asking for prayers here.

I don't LIKE being tired. I don't LIKE forgetting things. And a big reason I got this operation was so I would be around for my kids. I WON'T be if I don't pull my head out (so to speak) and get this figured out.

Any ideas?

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