Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jangle Bells

I heard this song many moons ago...probably about 20 years to be exact. I've done Google Searches and Yahoo searches trying to find the complete lyrics.

Serious, I had them one time. Used to play the song on my guitar. But now, I can't find it and I'd LOVE to do this one with my kids this year now that they're old enough to appreciate the humor.

I really didn't make this one up. It's an old country song. I can't even remember who sang it. And I emailed our local radio station that does Christmas music from Thanksgiving to New Years and they didn't know it either. SO....

I'll give you the verses I know and maybe someone can help me. As far as I can remember, the chorus changes a little each time.

Sing to the tune of "Jingle Bells"...(big surprise! :P)

I have an old tom cat; Santa is his name.
I keep him nice and fat, but he hates me just the same.
He got at me today with those needles in his paws.
Now I'm a'wearin' bandages on account of ... SANTA'S Claws!

Jangle Bells, Jangle Bells, Jangle all the way.
We don't know all the words but we'll sing it anyway.
Jangle Bells, Jangle Bells, Ringing loud and Gay.
We'll be hearin' Jangle bells from now till Christmas Day.

Slidin' down a hill on an old ramshackle sled.
Laughin' fit to kill at something someone said.
Forgot to watch the road; not watchin' where we went.
Ran into a barbed wire fence and got our Christmas Spirits "skint".

Jangle Bells, Jangle Bells, like the wise man said;
Be careful where you slide or you'll spend Christmas day in bed.

Slippin' down the street on an old banana peel.
Could not stay on my feet; They were slicker than an eel.
My feet flew in the air; I let out a yell.
Landed on my pocket book and I broke my "Jangle Bell".

OK, OK, now that your ROLLING on the floor...
That's all I can remember. Can somebody help me out?

If not, that's alright. At least maybe you got a laugh out of the search.


Trish Costa said...

I am also looking for this song. I have the tape of it YEARS ago but have no idea whatever happen to it? I found some info on the song at this site:
About halfway down the page is the info. It is on the album "Jingle Bell Rock" and the label is "Pickwick". The song was put out by "Lonzo & Oscar".

I seem to remember one virse going something like this "Jangle Bells, Jangle Bells, oh what misery, busted bones and aches and grones........??

I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

I found the downloadable song on this site
Sung by Lonzo & Oscar.

downeast misanthrope said...

You guys RULE. I've been looking for Jangle Bells for a LONG time, and now I have it on MP3!

Many thanks, you made a friend's holiday.

Anonymous said...

Jangle Bells, Jangle Bells, we have paid the price, busted bones and aches and groans from falling on the ice.

Trudging through the snow with a mule tied to my sleigh the dang thing wouldn't go, we drug him all the way. And then the mule sat down like he was out of breath it took all night to get him home and we almost froze to death.

Jangle bells jangle bells oh what misery don't hitch up ol dongon if you're coming after me Jangle Bells Jangle Bells... you can have your open sleigh I'll drive a Chevlet.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please, please, please upload Jangle Bells for me? My mom still has the LP, but I hate to buy the hardware to transfer LPs to PC if one of you guys could please put it up for download. I have been looking for this song for about 5 years now, and I would be so appreciative for it!!!

Thanks so much in advance!!!

Anonymous said...

You're right about not being able to find this song, "Jangle Bells," on or radio stations playing it, like I've found out. "Jangle Bells" is hilarious, and I knew it as a boy (43 now), and played it and the LP of Christmas Songs on it til record players went dinosaur on us. My mama may still have the LP, but I live in California and everyone else still lives in Virginia. But "Jangle Bells" will be a favorite of mine always! Good luck finding it. Jeff Whitley

Anonymous said...