Monday, November 20, 2006

100 things I wanna say...

  1. If you've read my blogs at all, you'll probably already know most of this stuff, but here goes. I write alot.
  2. I am 40.
  3. There have been times in this life where I never thought I would live this long.
  4. There have been times in this life when I haven't WANTED to live this long.
  5. God has sustained me through it all.
  6. Mommy of 4. One boy, three girls.
  7. One miscarriage. Between numbers 3 and 4.
  8. Been married twice.
  9. Exhubby #1 was 19 years older than me (graduated from high school 6 months before I was born). One eye, one kidney, aberrant behavior...WHAT was I thinking? Three years married. NO kids with this one (praise GOD!)
  10. Exhubby #2 is gone. We'll just leave it at that. If you want to know more, I've posted some of it here. Fifteen years married.
  11. I can't BELIEVE I have written 100 posts!
  12. I am almost 6 ft tall.
  13. Actually, I have shoes that put me over six foot. :D
  14. I wear size 12 shoe (women's) (size 11 in men's.)
  15. So does my son! YIKES.
  16. I LOVE getting stuff off the top shelves for short people. It's ok, they can't help being short.
  17. July of 2005, I weighed 405 lb.s
  18. Thanks to Gastric Bypass surgery, I now weigh 220 lb.s.
  19. And I getta do lotsa fun stuff now that I'm skinny (er).
  20. I love coffee.
  21. I also love "Gosh, That's Good" sugarfree cocoa. Yummers.
  22. I was raised Independent Baptist.
  23. Now, I don't know what I am. Conservative non-denominational, I guess.
  24. I sing.
  25. I sing anything, but gospel and praise are my favorites.
  26. Took voice lessons for 4 years as a teenager.
  27. Took guitar lessons, too.
  28. Wish I would have taken piano lessons like my sister.
  29. I have three sisters...all younger. One construction worker, one banker and one stay-at-home, home-schooler.
  30. And 10 nieces and nephews.
  31. I have a cat...well, OK, she owns US. She adores my oldest daughter (and the top of my clothes drier).
  32. Had some fish, but they all died.
  33. Now I have a LOAD of snails. Those things breed faster than Rabbits. WOW!
  34. Actually, the fish AND the snails belong to MG.
  35. MG is short for My Guy.
  36. He's been so wonderful! I can't remember ever being treated as well as he treats me.
  37. It feels very nice to have someone care about what happens to you. Other than your kids.
  38. I miss my kids. My work schedule doesn't allow me to see very much of them.
  39. They are in daycare approximately 220 hours out of the month.
  40. I hope to do something about that very soon.
  41. I drive a little red car.
  42. If we go somewhere with MG, all 6 of us don't fit in very well.
  43. I hope to do something about that very soon as well.
  44. I used to smoke.
  45. I've quit twice.
  46. I may have to quit again someday.
  47. It's totally psychological. A rebellion thing.
  48. I have 4 tattoos.
  49. Yes, they hurt.
  50. Don't ask me why I do it if it hurts. I just do. It's me.
  51. Each one has a story that goes with it about how my life was when I got it.
  52. #1 - Bird of paradise on my chest.
  53. #2 - Heart with flowers and my 2nd ex's name on my derriere. I think that's how you spell that word. But you get the idea.
  54. #3 - dolphin jumping out of a rose on my left upper back.
  55. #4 - dolphins in a Celtic weave across my lower back.
  56. Can you tell I like dolphins?
  57. I also like carousel horses.
  58. And coffee...did I Mention I like coffee?
  59. And Christmas.
  60. Had problems with infertility with #1 and #2.
  61. But everything's working fine now.
  62. Want to be a homebirth midwife.
  64. Need some textbooks that are REALLY expensive.
  65. Anybody got Varney's Midwifery or Holistic Midwifery by Frye they would like to donate to a worthy cause?
  66. I have a few others I need, too. I can get you a list...
  67. I don't hate hospitals. But they are for sick people.
  68. The reason I went for home birth is that I don't like people bossing me around, pushing me to make decisions when I'm trying to concentrate or telling me what is best for me.
  69. Have I mentioned I'm kind of a Type A personality?
  70. And that I am also kind of rebellious?
  71. And that no matter how rotten I am, my God loves me anyway!?!
  72. But I do have to say "Sorry!" to Him an awful lot.
  73. I try to be good, really I do.
  74. After I lost most of my weight (and my husband) I had a major battle with promiscuity.
  75. No, I'm not going to explain that. But if it helps someone out there who is dealing with it to know that I've struggled with it, I'm willing to confess it.
  76. I sometimes come across as a "Know-It-All". That is a BIG stumbling block in my life. I try SO hard not to say things in a condescending manner. Unfortunately, I often fail. Please forgive me.
  77. I also have a tough time making decisions. I don't like having to do it. Would rather stick my head in the sand and wait for it all to go away.
  78. That NEVER works, by the way.
  79. Maybe it's just me, but this list seems very disjointed...jumping from one thing to another. Maybe I'll fix it....Maybe I won't. :D
  80. My job...I answer phones. And page overhead. And answer phones...and page...and answer phones...and stare at the computer for a little excitement.
  81. But it's a good job. If I have to have a job.
  82. It's POURING down rain outside right now. I love rain. Reminds me of Christmas.
  83. Can you tell I was raised in the Pacific Northwest...when rain reminds me of Christmas. It's always rained on Christmas. We gather with Family on Christmas Eve and carry the presents in a black plastic garbage bag to keep them from getting wet.
  84. My side of the family does our get-together on Christmas Eve.
  85. My ex husband's family does Christmas Day. So we used to go over there AFTER the kids open their presents...but this year, I'm working.
  86. Last year, I couldn't handle it. Will I be sad that I can't spend the holiday surrounded by his brother, sisters, mother and all their kids? no. But MY kids will be sad.
  87. I'm not angry at them...just don't want that wound scraped open again, ya' know?
  88. It'll come up anyway. "I miss Daddy". "Remember when Daddy used to...". "Daddy would like that." Ouch. When does it stop?
  89. MG will be there to hold me and stand by me.
  90. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for all Your wonderful gifts to me.
  91. We celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas. Make Him a cake and sing...
  92. Then we set out milk and cookies for Santa Claus. After all, in case you didn't know, Jesus and Santa are BEST FRIENDS! They work together.
  93. No, I'm not lying. Think about it a little. Can you see the logic? Just a little?
  94. Moving on...I DON'T like tomatoes, but I do like Ketchup, tomato soup (with egg salad or grilled cheese sandwiches) and the flavor of most salsas. I don't pick up the "chunks" though.
  95. I also do NOT like seafood. Except for Tuna fish. Especially my homecanned tuna fish.
  96. By the way, if you ever home-can tuna in the pressure cooker? Hold your breath when you open the lid (after the pressure releases, you know). Because IT STINKS. REALLY, REALLY BADLY. Just so you know.
  97. No cucumbers or pickles. OR Brussell Sprouts. They are like giant peas. Gag! OH, and no peas.
  98. But I LOOVVVEE coffee! Did I mention I love coffee?
  99. My favorite verse is Psalm 4:8 - "I will lay down in peace and sleep; for you, Lord, only make me dwell in safety".
  100. Do you think it's O.K. if I claim that as a promise? Even if it's a Psalm? I hope so.

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Qtpies7 said...

Thats a great list! Good way to let people get to know you! My 100th post will be coming up soon! Yikes!