Monday, October 23, 2006

Prayer for Canon's Family

We all, as mothers, pray fervently that our children will be safe. We would give our lives for our children. I know when my #2 was so ill at birth, I would get on my knees beside the hotel bed and BEG God to take me instead of her. But the reality is that that is not the way it works. God can do anything, it's true, but we live in a world that isn't fair and isn't kind. And sometimes He allows things to happen so that negative experience can be used for good. We don't know WHAT good...and when we are hurting, sometimes it's hard to see that. We just want the pain to STOP.

Father, A friend is hurting today. A fellow Mommy had to turn her little boy over to Your arms and it hurts. But we trust You...we know that You have sent the Comforter to be with us when life's burdens are too much. I join my voice with others, My Father, today to ask that you would hold that family in the palm of Your hand. Please make Your presence known in an extra special way!In the precious name of Your Son, Jesus;

I'm not gonna say "Amen"...because the prayer will continue. It's not done yet...

Our thoughts are with you, Canon's Mommy, Daddy and Family. Please know that you are not alone!