Monday, October 23, 2006


Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhhh....
Last night was SUCH a kick!

The SWEET sweet lady from the limo company showed up in a HUMMER limo! YES, friends, a SUPER STRETCH 16 passenger HUMMER limo.

My son about DIED!

Mom thought it was pretty cool, too.

We took off a little late. The son's friends didn't show up in a timely manner...but that's ok. Everything worked out.
Laser lights, multicolored star lights in the ceiling, electric lightening touch pads on the walls. The kids were drinking pop out of champagne glasses. Music (I took our Collin Raye CD along). That thing rode better than my car, for Pete's sake!

Went out for a buffet dinner (although that ain't no big deal for me, can't eat more than 8 oz anyway!) but everyone else enjoyed it. Then we let the little ones play in the Playland and the boys went to the arcade.
MG and I played some air hockey...he won one and I won one. We had our picture taken in one of those little booths. HOW fun! I was making a funny face because MG grabbed me right as it snapped the picture...and he wanted a picture of me screaming and him looking like the cat that at the canary in the background. So we got it.

Then we rode the limo home and settled down.

I was SO jazzed! My first and only ever limo ride. In a Hummer limo! What a dream!! I felt like a movie star. People kept trying to look through the windows to see if we were anybody "important." We took some pictures but have to fill up the disposable camera before we develop it.

MG and I sat in the back and snuggled on the way home.

Dream come true. Good birthday!


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