Saturday, October 07, 2006

Can I go to bed now?

First of all, just in case I sound a little cranky or I say something wierd (or misspell something) I DON'T FEEL GOOD. Just a little cold and it definitely could be worse. Am wondering how much of the aches and sore throat are due to the fact that I haven't smoked in 48 hours...Hmmmm. Don't give me the "attagirl" just yet. Gotta see how long I hold on. The Chantix is helping. My craving seems to be more psychological than physical. And the cold doesn't help the situation any.

OK...done whining about that now. Thanks for listening!

On to more whining...Halloween is coming. Busy getting ready. See if you can relate.

#4 decides she want to be Lazlo from "Camp Lazlo". First of all, it took me about an hour to figure out what she was saying. Older sister had to translate. Ohhhhhh, says Mommy, I see! Which I didn't...having never seen that TV show. But didn't want to look stupid, you see.

So I go to the computer and look it up. It's a MONKEY! in a boyscout uniform. OH GREAT! Can't buy a costume like that (like I could afford it even if there WERE one) so I am forced to put the old ingenuity into high gear. I think I have a pattern for the Monkey costume SOMEWHERE. And just WHERE is brother's old cub scout shirt. AAAaaah yes! I love it when a plan comes together...

#2 wants to be a vampire. Cool, simple, cheap and easy. Got the fangs and makeup for $1.97 at Wally World yesterday. Got some black fabric that will make a good cape. Got it covered! CHECK.

#3 says "WHHHYYYYY didn't you get ME anything?" I wonder where she learned to whine like that? OOoooops! Turn in my Mommy License again! "Well" I say calmly, "I didn't know what you wanted to be".

"I want to be a vampire JUST LIKE #3!"


Back to Wally World for more teeth and extra black fabric. But I shouldn't's easy! Right? Tell me it's easy...

#1 is a boy. I have spoiled this child, just so you know. Just ask my Mom! Anyway, because said child has always been able to have mom taylor make costumes for him, he thinks I am close to being miraculous. I still remember the nightmare of the Charmander costume (the huge stuffed tail with flame-colored taffeta on the end and padded claw gloves...I feel a headache coming on).

He wants to be a black rider from the "Lord of the Rings" AKA Hobbitt series.

I can hear you now...."Ohhh Noooo!"

I don't care how much it costs...I may buy this one. Either that or talk him into being a ghost or a hobo. "But, SON, a hobo is SO cool! They can hop a train in a single bound! Trust me!" :D

Nope, I don't think it will work either. So if anyone has any ideas on how to create this costume, PLEASE leave me a comment. I would REALLY appreciate it.

Oooh, forgot to tell you...While at Wally World, I picked up a couple outside decorations. So I get home and the kids are SO excited. Wanna put it all up RIGHT Now.
Picky Mama goes outside and looks at the front walkway. Hmmmm, gotta clean it up first. By the time I get done cutting down the Butterfly bush (the landlord may kill me!), the Rose bush next to that, pulling weeds, sweeping the walk and gathering every available extension cord, I've lost all but child #3. She's very persistant.
In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have been so picky about how it all looked. Maybe I should have just let them help me no matter how it came out in the end. The boy kept asking, "Mom, can I help?" And I got all done (or close to it, as I STILL Have to go buy a couple MORE extension cords) I realized I hadn't let him help one time. Wow! I felt guilty. Still feel guilty. I need to spend more time with him, yet I turned him away because I was worried about appearances. Hard thing to face. Gonna have to make that one up to him. Somehow. And apologize.

That's one thing I'm fairly good at...apologizing. I have to do it alot. In fact, MG says "STOP saying 'I'm sorry' when you didn't do anything wrong!" Guess I'm just so used to being wrong, making mistakes, not being able to fix a bad situation the apologies just flow out! Maybe not a bad thing...

And I'm SO VERY glad God loves me anyway...goofups, apologies and all.

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Deb said...

Nazgul, huh? Hmmm... Back to WallyWorld for more black fabric? A full, to the ground cape with a long-ish, drape-y hood? There's a great website where I got a viking costume for my boss for a trade show (don't ask!) and they have an adult size - check and search under lord of the rings Ringwraith and you should find it. It looks pretty easy to make - a lot of black, draped fabric with a black mesh face cover. Hope that helps! :)