Monday, September 11, 2006


I don't know about you, but I think it's incredibly satisfying to get some projects done that have been kinda hanging over your head. Even if they are just little jobs...and you aren't particularly dreading them. But they nag at the back of your mind saying "Hey, lazy butt! I'm here. Any DAY now!"
So today I got out the drill and reinforced the shelving in the kids bathroom. Ain't perfect...but it's done. Got some paperwork done and some business taken care of that really needed to be done.
Which brings me to my other project. (Can't get alot done during the day when you work swing tend to want to sleep in "Just FIVE more minutes, Mom, PLEASE!!) Actually, I shouldn't complain. I got 10 straight un-interrupted hours of sleep last night. Can't remember the last time I slept that good. My LOML takes SUCH good care of me. WAIT...where was I?
Anyway, have you ever noticed that dresser handles are irresistible to children? Once the little buggers discovered they could unscrew the little round knobbies - CRUD!! Then they realized that it's kinda painful when you accidentally run into one of those BARE SCREWS sticking out of your dresser drawer. So they want the handle back on! Weeelll, LO AND BEHOLD! We can't FIND any said knobbies. Seems they joined the socks in that "black hole" in my house where things go that never want to be found.
So tell me if I'm being mean here. I redistributed the knobs. Made it so there is only ONE knob on each drawer and pulled out the other exposed pointy screw. SO if they unscrew the ONE SOLITARY knob on the drawer...they won't be able to get in to their clothes. Heeeheee. (evil troll laugh). And I pointed out this fact to them. Maybe...just maybe...they will think twice before removing anymore drawer hardware.

Then again...maybe NOT! Kids are weird that way. Just when you think you've got them figured out, the rules change.

But I felt good about DOING something. Got the drawer knobby thing handled (yes, pun intended!). Got the daunting paperwork handled. Got the shelves shimmed up. Even did a load of laundry on the side. Yep, pretty pleased with myself, ya'll.
Do what you know you need to do and "whalaa" SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Works every time.

So answer me one little thing...WHY in the WORLD do I put this stuff off and stick my head in the sand pretending it's not there? Procrastination? Laziness? Exhaustion? All of the above?

*shakes head*

Well, whatever it is, maybe some day I'll shake it off. For right now, I got this satisfaction high thing going. I can ride it for a few days of doing nothing. THEN I'll have to do something productive again.

Maybe the kids will have removed a few drawer knobs by then... *rolls eyes back in head*

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phlegmfatale said...

I am the world's WORST when it comes to finishing projects. I always say I have completion issues, and I do. Someday I'll get it together, but I'm only 40, and I'm just a kid, right? Right? *L*