Sunday, September 24, 2006

GORGEOUS photos! Check it out...

Reprinted by permission from the artist

Good morning, ya'll!! Isn't this THE most beautiful sunset?!! I've seen a few of these in my Oregonian life but I've never been lucky enough to capture one like this talented photographer Celine. You can check out her other photos at:

When you get to her page, check out the links on the right. She has more photos posted on and there is a really stunning one there of some Harley's lined up at their local festival. The tanks are shining in the sun...

Another one of her's that really touched me was the one she posted a couple of days back...had the sky and clouds reflected in a set of two mirrors. It got me to thinking how sometimes life looks big, scary and confusing when you are facing forward; so every once in awhile, we should take a second to look back and see where we've come from. Nothing encourages me more than realizing "WOW, look where I was LAST year at this time! Those clouds were thick and the storm was threatening. But I made it through...and life is so much better now."
Yah, I know, another schpiel about counting your blessings. That's ok...ya' gotta love me anyway!

Thank you to Celine for allowing me to share her photos with you.

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