Friday, September 22, 2006

Workin' up to the weekend...

In the LAST 30 minutes of the 6th day of my work week. Had to pull some extra this week to cover for a vacation. Next week, too. But that's ok by me. Cuz I know they would do the same for me...

Gonna do some stuff this weekend that I've been wanting to do. No matter how stinkin' tired I am.
  • Gonna take MG fishin'! He's waited two weeks without a fishing trip and the last one we did go on...sucked.
  • Gonna go visit some friends I haven't seen in awhile. We'll eat and talk and sing and pray. I know it will be very good!
  • Gonna go see another old friend. The midwife who delivered my fourth kiddo. She has a picnic every year and I've never gone. Well, this year, I'm gonna do it! She does what I want to do; She is who I wish to be. Even if I can just go and soak in that energy...I can hardly wait!

Littlest went to school today for the first time by herself. The bus was late, so Mommy was SLIGHTLY stressed as I have a close time schedule in the mornings. But it all worked out...she got buckled onto the little miniature preschool bus and smiled and waved goodbye.

Yah, I was sad. But I didn't cry...yet. I still get misty when I think about how quickly they are growing up...and I'm missing most of it.

She came home safely...fell asleep on the bus. Told me all about her day. She learned about "germs", brushed her teeth and had tater tots for lunch. She painted me a picture, too, but had to wait till it dried before she could bring it home.

And there's a little ache inside me...

Got some new shoes this week! From a store! Not hand-me-downs from friends.

They aren't anything fancy, but do look kinda stylin'. A bit of a heel, so in them, I'm over six foot. That makes you look slimmer, I've heard. Also, they make my feet look smaller because of the boxy style toe. THAT'S a good thing, too. Especially MY herky feet.

THINK I might get creative this weekend, too. A dear friend sent me some pages from a motorcycle magazine (he knows I like Bikes) and I thought I might sit down and create a collage. Kinda a'la five-year-old...but you know what? Sometimes, you just gotta have a little fun! Maybe I'll find some cool stickers or some ribbon or some fabric and weave in around it...kinda 3-D effect. We'll see. If I do make it up AND I figure out how to get my cam to work, I'll post a pic of my art. Again...we'll see...

I say that alot, don't I? If you don't think so, just ask my kids.

God bless and have a good weekend, ya'll! Go call an old friend and get together...

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