Monday, September 25, 2006


Hey, Friends! Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was O.K. I guess.

Seems I have PMS or something close to it. Been feeling really stressed and getting torqued way too easily. Just ask MG. He's about ready to haul me off to the funny farm.

Anyway, we took the girls to the park Sunday night. Gorgeous weather for this time of year in Oregon and we waited till evening so it wasn't too hot or crowded.

The girls had a fabulous time. And it was SO fun to be able to run with them and push them on the swings or rock the wooden space ship without feeling out of breath. Sat with MG for awhile and held hands, hugged his arm like he likes me to do, did some talkin'.

Then it dawns on me...WOW, what they are doing looks like fun. Couldn't do that stuff when I weighed 400 lb.s. But now? Hmmmmmm...

And I get up, start walking over to the...SWINGS. MG says "WHAT are you DOING?" I just smile over my shoulder...gotta do this...Holy COW, how long has it been!?!

No one's looking as I settle my hiney on the seat and push off. A couple of quick pumps and I'm FLYYYYING!

GREAT GOBS OF GOOSE GREASE!! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!

I don't EVER remember it being this FRIGGIN' FUN when I was a kid. I could do this forever. It felt AMAZING! I was giggling out loud...people thought I was half a bubble off plumb. HeeeHeeHeee.

Crud, it's making me smile right now just WRITING about it. YEEEHAAAW!

Well, I'd better get off the thing cuz some little kid wants it. But wait!

What about the slide?

MG is just shaking his head as I start up the tire ladder leading to the smallest slide. I seriously cannot remember the last time I swang (is that a word?) or slid down the slide. Let me tell you, polyester slacks on a plastic slide is a recipe for SPEED! I just about SHOT off the end of the slide.


OH LOOKY! A tire swing...and monkey bars! Well, you can pretty much tell how the rest of the playground trip went. BIGGG SMILE! We went to the local DQ and got ice cream afterward.

And yes, I did sneak another turn on the swings...

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