Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm Aware

I'm not the greatest poet in the world...but I wrote this one to remind myself that God is CONSTANTLY keeping an eye on me; that He isn't too busy to be aware of when I need Him.

When all around is crashing in,
And I really feel like I just can't win.
When my patience is wearing thin...
I'm Aware.

When the world beneath is giving way
And evil blocks out the light of day;
Hurt so bad I don't know what to say.
I'm Aware.

When I wonder how I'm gonna get out,
Wanna run away, scream or shout.
When I'm drowning in a sea of doubt.
I'm Aware.

And when the sun shines overhead;
Back to the safe path I've been lead.
God is answering the prayers I've said.
I'm Aware.

When blessings flow through my front door;
the joys of life leave me wanting more.
When the power of God makes me fall to the floor.
I'm Aware.

So I think that what I'm telling you,
Though I bet that you already knew;
You can trust Him to see you through.
Now you're Aware.

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