Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cutting my key...

My son and I did a school science fair project one time. You remember maybe from when you were in school...you had to come up with idea, document the hypothesis or theory and then set about proving your theory.

ANYWAY, a couple of years ago, we decided to see what would happen if you left out certain ingredients from a batch of cookies. So we did one batch without eggs, one batch without butter, one batch without baking soda, etc. Get the idea?

NEEDLESS to say, some of these "batches" of cookies were TOTALLY inedible. GROSS!! But it served to show how certain ingredients react with others to make a yummy treat.

SO this got me to thinking...what if things had happened differently in my life. What if this little piece was missing, or that other little piece was missing? BIG ooooooo WOW moment, here!!
Even though some of my experiences have been REALLY hard..some have not been so hard. And they have all shaped me into the person I am today. What would I be like without knowing the joys and sorrows that have passed through? Just when you thought it was all DIFFICULT...

Like my pastor says; Each person is like a key blank and the cuts and notches are made by the experiences in your life. Your unique key will only fit a few locks in this life...the locks being other people who are hurting and need help...need to know that they are not alone and that someone has walked in their shoes.

Just know that God has a reason for you...He made you special and He has a plan for your life. Trusting that statement has been hard sometimes. I'm sure ya'll know what I mean. All the pieces of my life come together to make a sweet gift from God...He has given me His joy to get through all of this...to come out on the other side and still be able to smile!

Seeing the positive things in our world is a unique ability. Some people REALLY have to WORK to be able to see "happiness". I know that sounds like the Disney movie PollyAnna. But counting your blessings and trying to keep an upbeat outlook makes people want to be around you...I know I sure enjoy my friend Teresa for just that reason. Sure, she has her challenges. But she just looks them in the eye...says "Oh Well, we'll survive. We always do!" and the next minute she's skipping or clapping her hands because she's happy about something you do or say. I am amazed how people can be this cheery (especially in the morning) But it makes me want to be around her more and more.

I hope I can be that kind of positive influence to others. I hope I shine a happy image...Well, gotta go! Think I'll go make some cookies....YOu like peanut butter/chocolate chip?

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