Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Great Gobs of Goose Grease!!

Alllrighty, then! Don't you just wonder WHAT THE HE-double-chopsticks is up with some people??
Can you tell I need to rant-and-rave just a little, hmmmm?
GREAT GOBS OF GOOSE GREASE! My moonshine-runnin', redneck grandfather from Arkansas used to say that when in polite company where his extensive vocabulary of foul language couldn't be properly utilized.

Friend asked me yesterday WHY I blog. Told 'em the makes me feel better. Too broke and too busy to go to a therapist so I write. Maybe Said Friend just wanted to make sure I wasn't discussing them on the World Wide Web. So I let them know that I try to be careful and not name names. Generalities are good enough and usually get my point across. So anyway...

Lady emails me...and be advised I am using the term "lady" loosely here. LOOONG email. Says a friend referred her to my blogs thinking she might enjoy meeting me. Her opinions could NOT have been farther from that objective. She has come to the conclusion that I am a selfish slut who is only out to further her own agenda (That being shagging every human of the male persuasion in the tristate area!) and that I care nothing for my companion or my children. Talk about LEFT field! WHOA nelly!
Let me tell you...I was flabbergasted (one of my gramma's favorite words)!! I went back and read my blogs again from a different perspective, thinking "What in the WORLD did I say to make her form that opinion of me??"
I emailed her back (NO, I didn't cuss...not even once OR call her ANY names. I excercised AMAZING restraint!). Just asked who our mutual friend was and thanked her for her unwarranted tirade. Of course she refused to divulge that information, telling me I've "caused too much trouble."

**SMOKE BLOWING OUT MY EARS HERE** ME causing too much trouble??? ME?!?! I beg to differ, folks!

Final email between her and I here - cuz I ain't gonna let this horsemuffin-fest drag on forever. Still being polite, I tell her that I feel she is exibiting MAJOR strains of Chickensh-- by hiding in the Anonymity of Cyber Space and I promptly block any future emails from her. Just shut it down...

Me being me, I did stew about it for awhile. It bothers me to think that someone in this world thinks I am a selfish slut. It also bothers me that someone in this world thinks I would vindictively do something to hurt them.

Which leads me to the next story... Swapping emails with a new friend; They tell me how the family is and I reciprocate in kind, sharing stories of my family. You know the getting ready for school, going swimming for the first time in 20 years, happy times with my awesome guy. I go along thinking everything is cool; Like this new friend. Can always use friends! Nice to have someone to chit chat with when I'm bored at work. Then WHOOPS!
New friend calls my guy...tells him they don't want me to contact them anymore. I'm "rubbing it in their face" that I'm happy. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Number 1 - I would NEVER do something like that purposefully to hurt ANYONE...even someone I didn't care much for. FOR PETE'S SAKE, I feel guilty when I can't give a handout to a panhandler and worry for miles about those "poor hitchhikers" (even if they probably are ax-murderers!)

Number 2 - Said phone call to my significant other caused a stink. Methinks I smell some "caca-stirring" (did I say #2? HeeHee). Maybe someone wants me to NOT be "so happy". What do you think?

I've been accused of being naive before; maybe I am. Because I really just don't get it. If you don't WANT to be my friend and share about our daily lives ...THEN DON'T EVEN ask! Why put yourself through the trauma of hearing about my "happiness"?

Needless to say, I've removed myself from that "triangle". Your wish is my command...NO contact, you say??? You got it. Nada. Fini! Zippo. Done. Don't need the hassle. I'm cool with it.

To quote a very wise man and fellow blogger... "I think they have medications for that..."

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