Saturday, September 02, 2006

My warped sense of humor...

Well, Good morning!

I was just sittin' here thinkin'! Kinda dangerous, I know. And it popped into my head that it really is kinda wierd how some people think one thing is funny...while someone else is just totally like "Whatever!" (don't know why I'm writing like I'm 14 here, but at least you get the idea!)

Fer instance, yesterday I went fishin' with my guy. It was hot, but next to the river was nice and cool. Unfortunately, My style of fishing is "5-year-old". After about 5 casts, my attention span is used up. So I put the pole down, play in the water, talk to the worms, have some deep discussions with my guy, throw some rocks in the know, all that stuff a five year old does when you take them fishing or anywhere else similarly boring.

Then, I figured I'd drown some more worms, so I get one impaled on the hook (NO I am not one of those woosy girls who won't bait her own hook. And in case you can't tell, that's a pet peeve of mine. "Oh, strong man, I don't want to touch the icky worms!" PUHLEEZE!!)

Anyway, don't get me started on that!! So I take my worm-laden pole over near a big old tree and just kinda plunk the rig over about 8 feet away from the bank in the dark water next to the tree. Almost lost my gear a couple of times, but I was having fun. Besides, we hadn't even had a BITE in two hours so I figured if my SNES Bass Fishing game had "lunkers" next to the logs, then maybe this stupid river would, too!!

All of a sudden, I hear this snickering noise behind me. Then, as I turn around, the snicker turns into a chuckle...and that quickly evolves into a belly laugh that is echoing down the river.
Seems my "5-year-old" fishing style just tickled him. And he says "Oh, Honey, I'm not laughing AT you! It's just so CUTE!" Well, HUFF!

Then again...I guess if you look at it from an adult point of was kinda funny. Teee heee.

OHHH! and I have to tell you this one, too.

My four year old comes marching out of the bedroom. It's like 8:30pm...the tribe is getting ready for bed. Anyway,

Here she comes, fixes us with a baleful stare, puts her hands on her hips and says...

Get ready...This is too funny...

"I am tired! I want to go to bed! AND I have a Wedgie!"

I guess you kinda had to be there...but I just about fell off the couch! Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I was holding my stomach.

See? I really do have a warped sense of humor...just in case the "rotten childhood" blog a couple of days ago didn't prove that point.

Hey...ya'll have a SAFE Labor Day weekend and just think! It's almost time for School to start. WOOOHOOO!!

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