Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why YES, as a matter of fact! I WOULD like some cheese with my WHINE...

I have MamaBlogga up on My Yahoo page and this title definitely caught my eye....cuz I just spent the weekend in Puke-aggedon! One of those places you visit but "I sure wouldn't wanna live there". 
#3 began the fun Friday night while I was at a birth.  Had to get someone to cover for me (read "someone else to give the funds to") and go home.  By Saturday night, horror-of-horrors, it's MY turn! Puking is ranked just above dropping a bowling ball on my foot in my list of "Fun Things To Do" so I was naturally thrilled. 
It turns out that all Saturday night while I was in agony, #4 was puking in the living room with a kindly houseguest doing the best he could to maintain sanity. Nice...I told him he should get some kind of medal for keeping the World's Neediest Child away from her mom when she felt sick.  He said "Hey, you were sick too!"  (Understatement of the century, but ...)
Monday, #1 went to school ... and came home sick.  Watching a six foot five inch 300lb dude hurl was awe-inspiring.  And loud...just sayin'...
#2 ran her course yesterday.  Her smart teenage mouth only stopped complaining when it was otherwise occupied.  I thought she was bad when she had PMS! 
This morning, I do feel human. Which is good, because I have to go search under the couch cushions for change to go buy more toilet paper.
Yah...That too...
I can TOTALLY sympathise with you, Jordan.  Glad your fam and ours are DONE with that.  WHEW

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