Sunday, August 22, 2010

number four funny

She borrowed the card table.

The old cardboard one with the warped top. Of course, you know I had to clean off all the spider webs. 'phobic child, ya' know.

Covered it with a sheet and made a tent. So she was happy...

Until "littlest Cat" decided it looked inviting and started leaping at the walls...occasionally scratching her till she was inside crying because she was afraid of him. Toooo Sad!

So Mommy handed her the Anti-Cat Device...
(aka fly swatter)
And watched the evil little grin spreading across her face like the Grinch when he thought up his Christmas plan.

Little cat - JUMP...CLAW
Bekah - WHACK



It's working, you know. But I think she's having entirely to much fun whacking at the cat...

especially when she starts chasing him into other rooms of the house.

I think I've created a monster...AND it has a name!

"AWRIGHT, you!" She hollers. "That'll teach you to mess with the Bekah-nator!"

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