Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm feeling better!

Not 100%, but better.
Still struggling to catch up on my homework...don't even know if that is a possibility at this point.
Was cleaning my room and found a check for $40 that I had forgotten about so at least I will have gas money to get through the weekend.
Still have to work on the cell ph bill and the electric bill...but Loverboy keeps telling me to trust God; that God will provide for me.

I know he's right. But I have such little faith. I'm still scared, still lonely, still worried.
Why can't I just leave it with God? I know I'm a rotten child. I do not in any way, shape or form deserve rewards. But my kids... Surely God will provide for them.

That's what I'm asking for anyway.


Number four funny of the day -

She crawls up next to me in bed this morning.
"Mom, were you married to our Father?"
"Yes, Squirrel. For fifteen years. Why?"
"I just wondered. What happened?"
"Well, we got a divorce."
"What's a divorce?"
"When you file a paper with a court and end your marriage."
"oh Really!? what are these "rules"?
"#1. you get to be sixteen and you get a boyfriend.
#2 is you go out for awhile and then you get engaged.
#3 is when you marry them.
#4 is that you always talk nice.
#5 is that when you get mad, you work things out,
and #6 is that you are supposed to stay married forever, usually."

Now. Forever...and usually? I may be a redneck, but don't they call that an oxymoron or something like that?
Other than the age issue, she did have some good points, though. I'm just sayin'...

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