Friday, June 12, 2009

My Dad-in-love

Last week, he went to the hospital. Double pneumonia.
I'd been working on the shirt. But with class and flu and kids and rescue...I hadn't gotten the snaps on yet.

You've never seen a lady apply snaps so fast.
Please, please, God...don't let him go without the shirt.
I's silly. But it mattered to me very, very much.

Wild and crazy, I drove five hours and took it to the hospital. Got there at midnight. Lied to the nurse and said I was his daughter-in-law. Turns out, I'm his daughter-in-love. Same diff.
But the nurses were cool about it once they found out.
Sat with him for awhile that night and visited him again in the morning.

Thursday he went home.
This is him in the car. LB took the shirt to the hospital for him to wear home.
And he thought I'd like to have a picture of the event.

Would I? That picture is precious to me.
Second only to wishin' I could have been there.

And wishin with every fiber of my being that I was there with them now.

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Donetta said...

Oh what a joy you got it to him.
He looks like a kind soul.