Saturday, April 04, 2009

PAD 4 / How my day was yesterday

RATS! I missed a day on the Poetry writing! I really did intend to keep up, but I'm right back to it today.
Yesterday was kind of a bear doing eight hours in a Big City Hospital Triage. Then took an hour to pack and headed across the state to see my Loverboy. Saw home for a grand total of an hour and a half but it was worth it for the experience and to spend a couple of days with the love of my life.
Yesteday's ER time was an adventure. Started out kinda slow, but ended up helping with about 30 patients. Did vitals on everything from a drug seeking Hep C positive guy to a two month old baby with a rash, to a 73 year old man who was in Sinus Tach and didn't know it, to a man with HIV AND HepB. Made some new friends and saw a couple of old ones too.

Today is PAD day 4. The instructions are to "pick an animal; make that animal the title of your poem; then, write a poem."


My Little Bitty Mutt

I didn't want a dog.
I'm not a "dog person".
I like cats.

The kids wanted her.
So I checked out Pet Finder.
There she was.

Took her awhile
To get used to our family.
But she did.

She loved me
From the start, the first day.
She was mine.

Slept with me
under the covers behind my legs.
against my back.

Depression set in.
couldn't get out of my bed.
except for her.

She was there.
she knew how low I was.
a quiet presence.

An old friend
in a new little fuzzy body.
She was there.

No words needed.
Just those caring brown eyes.
and a snuggle.

Didn't want her.
I'm not a dog person, you know.
But I needed her.

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