Sunday, April 26, 2009

PAD 26 - MisCommunication

Today's Poem-A-Day Challenge theme is Miscommunication.

Which is VEWY interesting, because I am taking a class in "communications". Interpersonal Communications, to be exact.

Sounds like a hippy liberal college class, doesn't it? Probably is to some.
But to me, it is all about Mr. D. The professor. He makes all things interesting. And he makes me laugh.
I LOVE going to his classes. He lets me talk. He acts like I'm interesting!
He doesn't make us buy the hundred dollar textbooks.

Don't get me wrong. Mr. D and I do NOT agree. On much, anyway.
We agree on homebirth.
And we agree that all the military deaths in Iraq are a very sad thing.
And we agree that there is a God.

The rest we agree to disagree on.
But I like him. I think we could be friends.

Interpersonal Communications is the art of communicating with other people...and in doing so, communicating with yourself.
And it's kind of an easy course...if you need a humanities credit.

But we have had MANY explorations on "miscommunication". Simply where you put the emphasis in a sentence can change the meaning.

For instance, one Mr. D used was
"woman without her man is nothing".

What it means, depends on where you punctuate. Here...I'll show you...
"Woman; without her, man is nothing."
"Woman without her man, is nothing."


Anyway, back to the point...

What was that, again?

As simple as a raised eyebrow;
As quiet as a sniff or tongue click.
As gentle as a sigh.
As ethereal as a turn of the head.
A roll of the eye...
A flick of a finger...
A directed gaze...
A scratch
A belch
A snort.

Just WHAT did you mean by THAT!?!

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