Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My one Avocado recipe - FMW

Today is Recipe Rally at my new "hang out" - Family My Way! The theme for the day is Avocados. Hmmmmm, I didn't have to think too long about my fav green recipe. In fact, it'll take me longer to type it than it did to decide which one I wanted to share.

Mainly because this is the ONLY time I EVER eat Avocados. **Giggles**

Maybe I'll find some new Green mushy slimy recipes to try after today.

I patterned this after my favorite meal in the whole wide world. In fact, if ever for some unknown reason I am on death row and I get a last meal...?

Well, I'm just sayin'...ya' know!?! It's THAT good!

Plus, it'd probably buy me some time. Because I found this delicious culinary treat at a small funky restaurant over on the coast of my state. And at the risk of being sued for stealing their recipe, I will say that what I'm entering here is a just a sad imitation of the real thing. In order to really relish the experience, one needs to soak in the hippy-ish ambiance of the Riverhouse. Nice glassa wine, Potato Salad that makes you DROOL with a little olive on top, a tuft of sprouts on the plate to add crunch to the sandwich if you so choose. And for dessert? Their carrot cake is so good it brings tears to your eyes! No Joke!

Anyway, they serve this treat cold or open-faced hot. I like the open faced hot one...and I conveniently forget the tomatoes. Mainly cuz tomatoes make me gag.

Janean's Poor Imitation of a Turkey Gobbler

Stuff you will need -

two slices of nice sourdough bread
Cream cheese - softened
Thinly sliced deli turkey breast
A tomato if you want it
Good ripe avocado
Monterey Jack cheese
Grated Parmesan

now assemble this thing on a cookie sheet or some other flat pan you can put in the oven. Toaster ovens work great. Lay out your bread slices side by side and spread with the cream cheese. The next layer is the turkey; pile it on according to your taste. Peel and slice the avocado and arrange those on for the next layer. Then would come your tomato slices (ERK) if you so choose. Sprinkle the whole delectable pile with salt and pepper to your taste. Now cover both halves with generous slices of the Jack cheese. To finish off, I love REAL grated Parmesan (not that powdered stuff that comes in a plastic can) so drizzle that over the sandwich.

Broil for a couple of minutes till the cheese is starting to bubble and turn golden in spots. ENJOY with your favorite Alfalfa sprouts, salad or just on it's own. Cuz it's enough to feed two people EASY.

Have a good one!

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