Monday, January 05, 2009

Who can RESIST...

a man who gives you THESE for Christmas!

A fully loaded tool kit...everything you ever needed for any household emergency. Probably couldn't rebuild an engine with it, but HEY, who has the time to do that anyway, ya' know?!

A pair of GORGEOUS white slingbacks in JUST THE RIGHT SIZE. I can just see this macho truck driver in jeans and a flannel shirt sashayin' through Payless Shoe Source trying to find Size 13 heels. I think he has an ulterior motive with this gift...Maybe? still my heart...

An Espresso/Cappuccino maker! WOW! YeeHAW!
Does he know me or what?

We were out visiting him and his Dad on the other side of the state...
I suppose I probably mentioned that he lives on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STATE...
and he wanted to take me out for dinner. So Dad agreed to watch the kids and I got all dolled up.
OK...well, as "dolly" as I can get, anyway.

I come out through the living room in black jeans, a black shell and a red jacket. Makeup (DON'T FAINT...I know, it's a strain on your heart to think of me in makeup) and my hair all poofy.
Number four takes one look at me and says "MOM!" in this huffy, horror-stricken voice.
"WHAT?!?!" Thought maybe I had a booger hangin out my nose or something.

I know, I'm gross.

Anyway, she says "Mother, you are NOT going to wear PUBLIC, are you?"
Good thing I wasn't wearing the new high heels or I would have fallen off them. Had to lean on the wall when I became faint from laughing so hard.

YUP, I'm a shameless hussy. Wearing red in public. SHOCKING!!

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