Monday, January 19, 2009

Animal Rescue

I don't know if your family is like my family...
Heck, many of you I don't know at all!

Funny how you can love someone when you've never even met them face to face.

Anyway, my family loves animals. We donate food and treats when we can to local shelters. We've gotten Little Dog and Big Black Monster Cat from animal rescuers.

One time someone sent me an email with this site on it. One of those where you click on it once a day and sponsors donate funds by internet traffic. Don't know if it works or not...but you know what? It certainly can't hurt! It only takes a minute of my time and there is a great reminder service. So each day I get an email reminder from The Animal Rescue Site.

They also have some GREAT merchandise on there for sale. They are affiliated with and I have my dog registered there. That's how I FOUND the dog was searching on PetFinder. Lots of gorgeous jewelry and lots and LOTS of purple stuff. So I'm hooked...even if I just browse. Cuz I'm all about purple!

Am longingly eyeing the purple fleece pullover. The purple track shoes are calling me as well. Good thing I don't own a credit card! LOL

If you have the time, head over there and give a click to help a homeless animal.
It feels good. Promise.

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