Saturday, December 13, 2008

weird lonely day

Tried some different things today.

Went ALL day without my glasses. So you must excuse any spelling errors as the blurry vision of an old lady. SERIOUSLY, I'm not all that bad. In fact the eye doc says my eyes get better every two years when I have a checkup. Go figure! I wish everything else in my life worked that way!

Sewed all day. Except for three computer breaks and the time I spent torturing the little dog by picking fleas off her and trimming her nails. Am making Christmas gifts for Loverboy, my mother and a girlfriend. Mainly because I can't afford to go buy much.
**Loverboy, if you are reading this...NO I'M NOT TELLING!**

Drank my prerequisite pot of coffee. Then had a beer. Just one beer. That's all. Am I going to hell now? OK, OK, pardon the sarcasm. Been having an issue with some older ladies lately who feel I am morally reprehensible.


I've remembered to water the Christmas tree for 4 days in a ROW! Usually I forget by now and then the pores seal up or something and it can't drink anymore, so it starts shedding needles like Don King on Chemo.

Chronicles of Narnia was on TV. That was cool...but it was better seeing it in the theatre. Too bad that is so dern expensive.

Have gone two weeks without seeing Loverboy. It hurts REALLY REALLY bad. But his daddy is sick. And Dad takes priority! I am NOT joking or teasing. I would feel HORRIBLE if something happened to Dad while LB was here with me.
I SO want to be with him for Christmas. Does that mean that I pack up the kids, the dog, and the presents and trek over there (5 hrs one way)? Or should I stay home and cry all day and make things easier on everyone? After all, they are starting to get used to me crying. Kind of a shocker when they don't even ask you what's wrong anymore.

I'm just saying...

Supposed to start college on the 5th. Which means I have three weeks to have major abdominal surgery AND recover sufficiently.

I'm just in a major snarky, cranky, lonely, poopy, mood tonight.
Guess I'll go make some coffee and read my new Today's Christian Woman Magazine. That'll cheer me up for sure.


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Donetta said...

Hay you, Na a bear don't count. :)
So sorry your so lonesome. It might be interesting to there and surprise him. Kids only have one more week of school. You'd be better able to learn more about him and his world.
Happy sewing