Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A randome Thursday Thirteen

HOLY MOLY, it's been a LOOOONG time since I've done a Thursday Thirteen! Hmmm What will I discourse on this evening...

Thirteen Things about Janean's last month of life!

1....My surgical wound from April FINALLY healed up! I know, T.M.I. But I was JUST so excited!!
2....I'm scheduled to have another surgery the second week of December. ARGH
3....I got engaged to the most wonderful man in the universe!
4....College started and I already flunked out of one class.
5....I passed my EMT Basic written exam and became licensed.
6....Joined the Podunk Rescue squad. Start responding next week.
7....Passed the board interview stage of the Podunk PD Reserve.
8....Caught a MONSTER of a cold.
9....Made about 200 mistakes.
9....Did two or three things right.
10...Made a road trip to see fiancee in his town halfway across the state. With three little girls. And a wayward container of dairy whip. Story for another time...
11...Went to a Halloween Party that was the coolest thing I have ever done.
12...Made a few people angry at me.
13...Loved my God, my kids and my fiancee' the best I know how.

kinda boring, I know. Next week I'll think of something better. :D

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Kara said...

I can't believe your engagement was tucked into number 3-lol! CONGRATS! That's so exciting:-) Hoping to read about your wedding plans soon.