Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Number Four Funnies

She comes out of the bedroom with a drawing of a Loooong blue dog. It has a black mask on.
"Mom, guess what kind of dog this is!"
Best educated guess here..."Uhh, I would guess a Dacshund"
Eye rolls..."Mother! It's a ninja Weiner Dog!"
OH, silly me!
Dog is chasing white cat. Cranky white cat. Yappin' little ankle biter dog.
Cat starts hawkin'. YOU a hairball is about to make it's presence known on my dining room floor.

Girls are running and screetching. "Get the cat, Get the Cat!"
"Quick, catch her, get her out of the house before she hurls!"
Number four is dancing in the middle of the living room waving her arms, caught up in the excitement.
She contributes to the hollering in her own special number four way...


Where in the WORLD does she come up with that?

Little boy is antagonizing her at school.
There's only ten children in the entire grade school, so it's not like she can get away from him.
Mr. Teacher tries his best, but Little Boy still gets her once in awhile...
like yesterday.

She gets in the van.
The door is closed and she is quiet for a minute. Then...
"Mom, today, I called that mean Little Boy a name."
Well, like any mother, I cringe, waiting for Mr. Teacher to come striding across the parking lot to report what horrible foul name my six year old has blurted out at school in her frustration. You can only imagine what what I was imagining as I carefully asked, "Well, dear, what name was that?"

"I told that Little Boy he was a Mister McTurdsalot!"

Does she get this stuff from TV?

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