Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Alright...So I DON'T have a picture yet. Hopefully soon...
But let me tell you the story.

Back around March of this year, I was visiting with my counselor. She asked WHY I was still with MG. I told her that it was "comfortable. I love him and I know he's gonna be there."
Then came the million dollar question...
"Well," says she, "what about romance?"

So I thought for awhile...

and I thought...

And it occurred to me that I wouldn't know "romance"...the head-over-heels, butterflies-in-the-tummy, I-can't-wait-to-see-him romance if it came up and bit my behind. Not that my suitors haven't done some cute, sweet things. I've gotten flowers once or twice, cards on holidays, candy for Valentines'...
But it's not about that! I didn't feel it, didn't even KNOW what it would feel sad, says the counselor.
Well, That's life, say I!

Fast forward to April...
MG is leaving, I have surgery, fall into depression and become ill. Forget men. Don't need 'em. They are just like big kids and, forgive me, but I have ENOUGH kids to take care of. I'm sure if you've read my blog at all, you know how dark things were right around then.
In August, we were driving up the gorge to visit Ex's father and his wife. I'll call them Pa and Ma. Sweet, sweet people. Supportive of the kids and I and we don't get to see them except a few times in the summer. ANYWAY...
Flat tire. MAJOR irritation. I've only changed a tire ONCE...and that was on a Suburban, with everything easily accessible. You won't BELIEVE where the spare is located on an Astro van AND the gymnastics you have to go through to get the durn thing OUT OF THERE!
In a rest area...
lotsa shady characters...
four little girls and a mutt with me...


Up saunters the "Knight in shining Denim"...Southern drawl "Kun Ah Hewlp ya', Ma'am?"
Ummm, welll, I have this flat tire here...
"Nuh Problum, Have 'er fixed in a jiffy!"
Sweet smile. A joke or two. Exchanging pleasantries...and it's done.
He stands up and I notice that he's tall. Lookin' down at me tall.
Bedroom eyes...
What a tan!...
And he wants my phone number. "Just so I kun mek sure ya'll git where yer goin' allright."
He gives me his. Home number, work number, cell number, full name...
I'm sure at this point I look like a schoolgirl, big grin, red cheeks (notice a lot of giggling coming from the van...which doesn't help...OH how I wish I had dressed up a little!)

He calls later. And we talk.
And talk...
and talk...
(Yes, I know this post is getting long, I'm sorry..............OK, so I'm not. Thought about bein' sorry, though! SMILE)

Talked the next night, too. Cell phone minutes are free after nine pm, you know.
Finally hang up somewhere around one thirty. In the morning. Yes, I'm insane.

We talk. We text. We talk some more. We IM. We Email.
And we decide to meet again. Somewhere where I'm not the damsel in distress. And the Knight doesn't have to be the Knight.
It takes some work and planning but somewhere about the first part of September, we meet for lunch. And it keeps going on this way. Visits here and there...
And I discover what romance is all about. I am constantly amazed at the things he does not because he thinks I will like it, or because he's trying to win me. But because that's just who he is.
He is a truck driver. He loves God. He's 48 and six foot two. Served 12 years in the military. He lives on the other side of the state about 6 hours away and has to stay there for awhile as he has a commitment to his boss to finish the job. I respect him SO MUCH for that! In fact, I respect him for everything he does. I respect him for the way he acts and I respect him for what he believes. That is another thing I have never had in a relationship before.
He adores my kids and they think he hung the moon. He gave me two of his T-shirts and a fleece jacket because he wanted me to have something of his. No, I didn't ask. But it made me swoon!
He sings...very well. And plays several instruments. So he plays the guitar and sings to me. OH HEAVENLY DAYS, how I have dreamed about this since I was 14!
We bought matching tennis shoes at Payless Shoe Source the other day. Same size, too! And it was HIS IDEA!
He does dishes, folds laundry and vacuums. Swoon, again!

When we go walking, he holds my hand. Not just holding his hand OUT for me to take and try to keep up. No, he REACHES for me, wraps his fingers around mine and holds on snugly, to keep me safe, taking care how he walks and being aware of me always. It is evident that my welfare never leaves his mind.
Something breaks? He fixes it. Work to be done? He does it, even after driving truck for 12 hours a day. Someone need help? He's there.

OK, OK, he has his faults. Trucker language. But not around the kids.
Has a problem with organized religion...seen one too many self professed Christians that have treated him badly or not helped others when they should have. Can't blame him.
He can barely cook.
and he can not for the life of him understand WHY I love him.

Gee, I don't know!
Could it be that he treats me like a princess and waits on me hand and foot? Could it be that he holds me in his arms, kisses me till I feel dizzy, helps me cook dinner if I'm tired, built a catapult with #1 for a school project when this momma had NO CLUE what to do? That he always looks out for MY best interests and defends the kids like they were his own! He makes me feel feminine and beautiful, complimenting me over and caveats, no exceptions, no disclaimers.
No "gee, if you only lost 20 lbs." or "wow, how'd you get that scar?" or "Eww, what happened to your legs?"

I know I agreed to marry him after only 2 months. Let me tell you what, are people rolling their eyes and saying "there she goes AGAIN, making another poor choice."
But I have never, in my life, met anyone I am more in tune with than this man. We have learned from our past mistakes and are both ready to make a future together before God.

Loverboy adores every part of me, unconditionally, without reserve, 100%. I am not 3rd or 5th on his list of favorite things in life. I am number one. He WANTS me with him, doesn't spend his time trying to figure out how to be away from me. He talks everything over with me. We are making plans, sharing dreams, discussing challenges, learning from each other, cheering each other on. When I cry, he holds me. When he cries, I hold him. The burdens are lighter because we carry them together.

I don't know...but I think this is how it's supposed to go.
I am so happy and so blessed.


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I pray it all works out wonderfully for you!

Heather said...

God is Good! Continuing to pray!

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Sweet, sweet post! May God richly bless your path with this man. I'm happy for you!