Monday, April 07, 2008

How it's goin' here...**UPDATE**

Well, I didn't do perfect on my state EMT certification yesterday...
But I didn't foul out, either.
I have to go back and re-do "trauma assessment" in about a month.
I think I forgot to treat for shock. DUH! That's what trauma is all about.
I'll do better next time. I watched some students foul out (flunking 3 out of the 6 stations and having to retake ALL the tests). I watched some ace it first time around...and several were in my catagory. "not quite there". Also known as "performance anxiety".

Got two home "sick" today. It's really amazing how they mysteriously "get well" about 9am. I know, I know...but the minute you DON'T believe them and force them to go to school, you get a call about an hour later that they hosed the school nurse (also known as the school secretary, the school crossing guard, the school attendance lady, the school cashier, the copy lady and the principals executive secretary...I live in a small town remember?). I have seen this poor womans' face when this happens and you can tell that right at that moment, she just really would rather move to Hawaii and never see another child as long as she lives.
I wouldn't want her job. She qualifies for sainthood...

Getting behind already in my Chemistry, Algebra AND Medical terminology 2. You'd think I could keep up in at least ONE subject. But not me, I like to live dangerously. Plus I still haven't found an algebra book that costs less than $110. Highway robbery!!
Don't have an excuse for being behind except for the biopsy, the all day EMT basic testing, four kids, housework, coffee with a friend, creating a powerpoint presentation for church worship, rewiring and replacing my washer and drier and, OH WAIT, Sleeping!
That's ok, I'll hit it hard and get caught up by the end of the week.
Should also know if I have cancer by the end of the week.
Funny thing is, I don't really care! God has taken such good care of me. How could I not trust Him with this, as well. If it happens, He will get me through. It's an easy type to "get rid of" - not like my friend "Especially Heather" or the kidney failure dear Kelly is going through.
And, as long as we are discussing health challenges, please pray for my friend Debbie. She sings with me on praise team and is a daycare provider. SWEEEEEEETEST woman you have ever known. She had a bought with breast cancer last year. Beat it! All her hair grew back fluffy, blonde and curly.
Then the hip pain started. Had some tests. Discovered spots on her sternum, pelvis and one femur. She is heartbroken. There will be some more tests this week, but it looks like bone cancer. She and I are almost the same age. She has two kids in college. My heart grieves for her. So lets' wrap her up in the love of God. She needs courage and strength.
Thanks, my friends, for all your prayers. "Where two or three are gathered, there am I in the midst of them" He says. I think He smiles when we come together in prayer and take Him at His word.

Have a great week, ya'll. I'll write when I find out the "test results".


Well, talked to the dr. this afternoon.
It's "kinda sorta" good news.
Not cancer, but not normal either. I guess there are three levels of abnormal...
minimal, moderate and severe and it seems I'm at moderate.

Moderately abnormal...that's me all over!

Anyway, I digress. Minimal is when they just leave it alone and "follow up" in a year.
Moderate is when they do something about it, such as resection and/or cryosurgery.

You know, I have that tub*l lig*tion actually scheduled for the 18th still. I'm supposed to call the "specialist" tomorrow to discuss options and I may just request he take it out as long as he's in that general vicinity and I'm done with the procreation anyways. IF the insurance will cover it and IF he'll do it and IF it would be for the best.

I'm leaving it up to God to work out His way. I'm just glad they found it before we went into the "severe" stage, ya' know what I'm sayin'!?!

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Heather said...

Glad things are moving along. Continuing to pray. :)