Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Probably nothing...

Had to go to the doctor today for my yearly you-know-what. He was really nice as I begged for my monthly shot early because I feel like crying 24/7. And everything went really well through the upper exam and the internal scraping part.

THEN we get to the "feeling around" part and he mashes...and mashes...and mashes. "Well, there is something on the left side that I don't feel comfortable with. Let's get you in for an ultrasound."

WHAT does that mean? And WHY do I feel this lump of panic just below my voice box?

The Ultrasound is Friday morning. So pray really hard until then, OK?
Mainly pray that I can remain calm and take this all in stride. After all, it's probably nothing....RIGHT?!?!


Heather said...

I'll pray for you if you pray for me. ;)

Actually I would be praying anyway but I meant to add you to the list of people I sent the prayer request out to and forgot your email. Not talking about this on my blog but it is highly probable that I am preg... which is a problem since my tubes are tied and it is likely that it is ectopic. Praying desperately that it is not--I wouldn't mind more kids at all it is just that I got so sick that I had a tubal at all. Had the blood work yesterday (too early for conventional tests but SOMETHING is up. Should know today then see where to go from here.

Praying for you that you would have peace and strength, wisdom and courage. God is good and what He does is GOOD.

Donetta said...

Courage does not halt or faultier. Hold on to courage. It is good to be safe. It can be a cyst and that is an easy thing. Do not assume the worst. :)

bisdakbabbles said...

how are you? I hope you're ok.
Will include you in my prayers.
Take care!