Monday, January 21, 2008

One of my most treasured possessions

My grandmother was amazing...
I know I've written about her before. I never saw her lose her temper. Ever. I know she made some mistakes in her life, but I won't go into those here. Still, I have always dreamed and prayed that I could be as gracious and caring as she was.
Her ministry was letter and card writing. No matter what, rain or shine, ill or well she had a list of people she wrote to every week.

I don't know if my sisters received one or not, but she wrote...HAND WROTE...a recipe book for me in a 5-subject spiral notebook.

When I saw the request over at CHBM's Recipe Rally for Green Bean recipes, I knew I had to share Gram's Ground Beef and Beans.

And I couldn't find the book!! I was crying by the time I found it wedged inside the Better Homes and Gardens binder.
I think I'll keep it in my bedroom from now on.

ANYWAY, Here it is friends. From my Gram's kitchen to you...

Ground Beef and Beans
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Throw 2 TBSP butter in a LARGE skillet and saute' up about a half cup of chopped white or green onion.

Add 1 1/2 lb.s of ground beef and brown that.
Then sprinkle over the meat...
2 tsp salt, dash of pepper, 1 tsp sugar and 4 TBSP flour.

Stir that up and turn the burner on low just to keep it warm.

Drain 2 cans of green beans and SAVE one cup of liquid from the cans. Pour that liquid over the meat mixture and stir well. Then fold in 1/2 pint of Sour Cream. Now stir in the green beans.

Transfer the mixture to a greased 2 qt. casserole dish and top with 2 cups of crushed corn flakes, 1 cup of grated cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of parsley. Then bake in the 400 oven for 20 minutes.

VERY good served with buttermilk biscuits.
You can't see her very well, she would tend to shy away from cameras although she always had one in her hand. She's the fluff of white hair in the back corner at this Thanksgiving dinner in 2003.

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