Friday, November 09, 2007

In case I forgot to mention...

I love trucks. Most people drive down the freeway looking at the Mustangs, Porsches and Beemers. I drool over Peterbilt, White-GMC, and Kenworths. I saw this one in my little bitty town yesterday and snapped a pic with my cell phone. He pulled out Reeeaaaallly slowly so I could get a good shot. And he waved. WOW. And I thought I would share a picture of my Airway Model Project for EMT Basic class. It had to be 3-D and created out of anything we chose. Some people used car parts, sponges, styrofoam, clay and leftover Halloween candy. I sewed. Cuz that's what I do as a rule. The epiglottis was a little piece of leather lacing that I applied by hand and the vocal cords were gold sequins. The instructor asked if she could keep it for her private collection in her office. I said "Sure!" but not before I snapped a few photos with my phone.

Ok, show and tell is over for the day.
Big smiles, everyone!
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shiera said...

wow! you're the first woman I know who loves trucks!
And what an amazing job you have there.