Friday, November 09, 2007

Birth control Pills in my Cookies

I just want to know one thing.

Where did this week go?

Monday we were all down with a stomach bug. I do mean all of us. At once. Puking. It was NOT pretty.
Tuesday the kids stayed home from school "just in case". I had prenatal day. My twin mom is so tired of being pregnant. She still needs to cook them for four weeks, so pray for her that she will hang in that long when she is already full-term size.
Then Tuesday night I had EMT class.
Wednesday I had several appointments and went to get my last round of immunizations.
Thursday we had to drive to the big, big city to take two kids for their yearly dental check up. #4 has to have two huge fillings. They are going to do them under partial sedation because she's, like, FIVE and terrified. Thankfully, not until January.
And Thursday night I had EMT class.
Today, I had speech class. Prepared a "persuasive" speech on the benefits of Homebirth. It was supposed to be 6-8 minutes long. 17 minutes later...
But the professor asked for a copy of it and told me I should consider submitting it for publication. So that was cool.
Then I had a parent-teacher conference and an eye appointment. #3 has to have glasses...and I have to get new ones. Oh well. Thank God for insurance.

OH! Have to tell you a funny.
Stopped at a coffee drive through on the way to EMT class Tuesday night. I got a coffee and a White Chocolate Macadamia nut cookie. Big one. You know...YUMMMMM. Anyway, I saved it till I got to class.
I flip it over and start to unwrap it and I notice a bright blue spot on the bottom of the cookie.
WHAT in the SAM hill?
I carefully picked it out and read letters on one side and numbers on the other...a pill. Little blue pill.
We looked it up on the internet and it was BIRTH CONTROL.

Holy COW. I think I would have been more upset if I had actually EATen the pill. As it was, I called the manager and ended up with 5 free coffees and a free cookie.

I think I'll pass on the cookie, thank you very much!
The scary part was that he KNEW the girls had their "pills" out on the counter of the shops in the morning. He says "Oh, well, I know it can't be Jane's...I've seen her taking hers in the mornings and they are white." Like it's OK for these girls to be laying their prescriptions out on the serving areas of the shop. Ewwwww!

I'm SO glad the sickness is over. My hand has healed up. I am NOT flunking least not yet - and the bills are paid. Life is good, but I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Want to share your speech outline? I am writing the same. But will try to keep it to 8-9 minutes!!! Sources would be great to.