Wednesday, October 31, 2007

THANK YOU, Shiera!

Shiera drew my name for the Autumn Goody Swap. Let me tell you what...I was SO EXCITED to get a box from Japan! My kids were FREAKING OUT!

She sent me so many awesome treats. Chocolate covered Rice, soybeans, banana chips, corn, pretzel sticks (called Pocky) and just plain dark and milk chocolate. There was a bag of snacks that were good, but I haven't identified what they are...because the labeling is all in Japanese. They look like nuts. AND a gorgeous calendar for 2008.

It just so happens that my childrens' school is studying Japan this month. I took the calendar in to share. And pointed out on the map where the package had come from. AND pointed out how LUCKY I am that there are wonderful ladies in the world who would take the time to share with others. Even when it costs so much to send a box halfway around the world. They were pretty darn impressed, let me tell you what!

And I was impressed, as well. THANK YOU, Shiera from the bottom of my heart. You ROCK. My kids think you are da' bomb and the local Elementary school thinks you are pretty special, too.

P.S. Stop by and say hi at her blog, Idle Moments. The link is above - her name, first line.

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shiera said...

Hello Janean!

Wow... I'm really touched... Arigatou gozaimashita! (Thank you very much!) and you're very welcome!

I'm really, really glad that you and your kids, and the school like what I sent...
I never thought that the calendar would go a long way...
you guys are really special, too. ^-^