Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Funny Photos and an apology

Cat T.V. (aka Microwave)

Brother's door note - "Danger: enter at your own risk. I have eyes and ears in this room so I'll KNOW!"
The girls answer to that..."Enter is you DARE ! If you have any questions, read this (insert arrow here)"
"Don't enter only if you are my mommy, baby sitter, little sister, may come in." NOTE - the word "brother" is conspicuously ABSENT!
OH and wait...we have to let the cats in, too!

But not brother! Ohhhhh, Nooooo! Came home last night after class to find these notes on the bedroom doors.

I was throwing a major "pity party", too, when I came home after doing prenatal clinic all day, a test on the respiratory system in class that night and at 9pm, facing a pile of homework, find dirty dishes, garbage to pick up and four loads of laundry that apparently no one except MOTHER is allowed to TOUCH.

Then I saw the notes on the doors and smiled. Kinda gave me a reality check on the poopy attitude, ya' know. I have SO many blessings - and here I am going "Poor Me".

For the record, I'm sorry. Sorry, God. Sorry, Kids. Sorry, MG. I hope you all know how much I love you. My human side was showing.

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shiera said...

LOL! My little brother and I always fought when we were young. Unfortunately, we three siblings had a single room so we fight physically.. and the youngest one's the tattletale... ^-^