Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My prayer life gets a jump start...

Please don't think I'm making fun of my Heavenly Father or prayer here. Because I believe He is the only one who saved me today...

Have you ever found yourself hanging upside down in the dentist's chair and he/she says...
"Well, I'm gonna TRY this one but it MAY end up being a root canal and then we'll have to REFER you out to a specialist. OK, then! Let's get started!"

And I got right with God in about 1.2 seconds.
Then I began fervent intercessory prayer. For myself!

"OH please GOD, no PAIN! OH please GOD, no PAIN!
OH please GOD no root canal! OH please GOD no root canal!"

It turned out alright...for now. BUT, if it starts hurting so bad that "even Tylenol doesn't help" then "we may need to go ahead with that root canal."

I think I'd rather go ahead with an extraction!
Or dropping a bowling ball on my foot.
Or piercing my eyelids with needles....

Ummm, ok, you get the idea.

And I have the added bonus of being forgiven now for all the naughty things I have done in the last couple of weeks.

I needed to "catch up" anyway.


MotoMom said...

He certainly got your attention! Maybe you ought to start praying while you brush your teeth everyday. A little preventative praying. :)

Donetta said...

Honey with proper pain controll root canals are managable I have had 14 of them extractions, one. It got a dry socket not good. Rood canals were much better. It is doable and you can be put to sleep for it too.
The dentist chair as you can imagine held a lot of fellowship with Abba Father:)

Kathy said...

Yikes! I have to go to the dentist soon, too. Ugh! Hate those dental tools, and shots, & flouride...yucky stuff.
Hey, just to let you know....I tagged you!