Monday, October 01, 2007


Number 2 isn't usually that funny. Because of the way her life has been, she just wants to be in the background. Today I was working as a volunteer at their school and I delivered a message to her teacher. It was for another student and I was just in-and-out.
After school, she said "Mom, I saw you! Then everyone in my class turned and STARED at ME!" And she starts to cry.
Poor baby! It's not fair!

But we put up a dry-erase board at our house about a month ago. The rule is ONLY kind notes to each other. Mom writes the daily schedule and after-school plans in one corner. Then we usually have a verse or a positive saying across the top.

Well, today she decided to write one in. Cuz I was falling down on the job and the space was blank, you know.

So here it is, Ladies and Gentleman....
First Thessalonians 5 : 17 as paraphrased by #2.

" Pray without cusing"

Well, it's good advice anyway. And I didn't have the heart to erase it.

Although, I must admit when I discovered what her father had done to her...
I cussed while I was praying.

And many times thereafter. Especially when she cries because her classmates looked at her.
AND it was my fault that they looked at her.
And I was just trying to help.

I'd really like to go kick him in the B...SHins right about now!

Pray without cussing, Mommy.
And pray without CEASING, as well.


Rebekah said...

Awwe, now your gonna make me cry. I have had a few of those moments the 'pray without cussing' was appropriate advice.
I will be praying for her

Donetta said...

Come visit me I have something for you. I like to kick him in the ...Well I'll just pray for him cuz boy he'll need it!