Thursday, September 20, 2007

Parenting Styles quiz

Found this over at Donetta's.
Somehow I knew she would be that kind of mother. She's amazing!

Thought I would go take The Test and see how I rate. It's short and relatively painless.

Your type is: ISFJ —The “Tender Loving Care” Mother

  • Gentle and kind, the ISFJ mother provides her children with generous amounts of tenderness, affection, and the comfort of daily routine. Her aim is to “be there” for her children, physically and emotionally. She is sensitive to their feelings, offering closeness, understanding, and quiet support.
  • Loyal and devoted, the ISFJ mother has a strong sense of duty and consistently puts her children’s needs first. She delights in taking care of the little things that matter to a child, making each one feel loved and special.
  • To provide her family with security and warmth, the ISFJ mother tends to the practical and domestic, aiming for a smooth-running household and an attractive home. She also observes and conveys the value and importance of family traditions.

OK, not so much the last one. My little old double-wide is yuck.

But I DREAM about decorating and making it look nice. Maybe like Donetta's Home. Does that count?

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Donetta said...

Hay you, I just came for a quiet visit. I have been away from the blog role visits for a few days due to life.:) You are so beautiful in your own right. I grew up in a double wide trailer! You can do so many things simply. Even simple little ideas that express your loving heart bring beauty. It is you who are your expressed beauty. What do you love? What inspires you? What colors do you like best? Look for new ways to use old stuff. I once hung fabric over a chair or on a wall. Torn strips of gingham can add a country charm. Tie them on a curtain for a touch of charm.
Have lots of fun. It took many years of life to have this home, I am so grateful and I know it is a privilege too.