Friday, July 06, 2007

Random stuff

Couple of things.
I started walking today. I was very proud of myself. Got up at 5:30 cuz I just couldn't sleep any longer and decided to get out and go.

Got the Walkman out (yep, a Walkman...remember those?) and off I went for about 45 minutes.

Twice while I was walking, the fire sirens went off in our little town. The fact that they went off wasn't that unusual. You always have your "early morning constitution" medical calls - or the unfortunate early morning discovery that someone you love went home to be with the Lord while you were sleeping.
What is unusual is that they had to call twice for volunteers. Couldn't get enough people to respond the first time around. I want to help. And I guess that's why it drives me nuts. They won't let me run until I get trained. And I can't be trained until someone offers a class.

Which won't be till fall.


Can't I drive or fill out paperwork or do SOMETHING to help? Argh!

In other news...My baby sitter has CHICKEN POX. Yep.
Shut down for two weeks. MG can help me out some, but he has things to do, too. So I had to call DHS and tell them I'm gonna be stuck for awhile. My kids are a priority! I'm not going to just take them ANYWHERE. That's all they need is to get whisked off to someone they don't even know for two weeks. It would be totally disruptive.

Well, we're going to have ice cream sundaes and watch "Flushed Away".
So I'll talk atcha later.

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