Friday, July 13, 2007

Better than I thought!

My girlfriend B treated me to a concert last night.

I still can't hear well.

Outdoor concert.

80's Rock Legend Rick Springfield.

Very good show. A couple of times he came down off the stage and walked "among us". He signed posters and albums. Showered us with rose petals several times. I had a front row seat.


Well, everyone rushed the stage and I was thinking, "Music's not bad. I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy."

Had to keep people from sitting in my lap while they were dancing a couple of times and got elbowed in the head by a local radio personality who was trying to make it to the Port-A-Potty in a timely manner.

Not once, but TWICE. He got me on the way back, too!

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to tease him about it.

Anyway, about the end of the concert and Rick comes down off the stage again. The crowd is blocking my view of him, but that's ok. I can still hear the music. All of a sudden...

WHOA! I actually screamed. He jumped up on the chair right next to me. Here's the pictures to prove it.

Then he fell off. Which is the second picture. The crowd caught him and set him back upright. He's not too bad looking for a guy who was in his prime when I graduated from high school in 1984.
It was a major kick. Only the second concert I have EVER gone to in my life. Less than 500 people there probably.

I overheard one lady in the bathrooms. She had been widowed recently and it was her dream to see Rick Springfield. She was so happy to have finally made it to one of his concerts at 45 years of age and she knew her husband was happy for her.

She was right in front of me once. Rick threw a guitar pick into the crowd.

She caught it.

I thought she was going to faint.

She danced in place and screamed so hard her face turned red. It was so cool. I thought about how her husband might have helped out with that. Or at least asked her guardian angel to make that guitar pick fly about 30 feet right into her hands.

Anyway, just wanted to share my cool fun last night. I went into it thinking I'd just hang out and have some "me time" with my girlfriend. It turned out to be quite the experience.

Much better than I thought.


Makita said...

So cool! I love Jesse's Girl. :)

Anonymous said...

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Rosemarie said...

Sometimes we just have to have a little fun for yourself!

Growing with Julia

Corey~living and loving said...

I am totally a Rick Springfield fan. I too love the song, Jesse's girl. I am not a scream until I faint type of concert goer...never quite understood it all, but I would have enjoyed the concert very much. :)
Thanks for sharing the pictures. I do beleive he is on the soap "general Hospital" these days, right????

Donetta said...

What a beautiful heart you have to delight in the widow's provision. I'm delighted for your fine time too.